The New Regime" is the 1st episode of Season 5 of The Next Step and the 135th episode. It is the Season 5 premiere.


“Some of last year's A-Troupe, and some new hopefuls, show up for auditions only to find that The Next Step has a sleek new look.”


The auditionees for A-Troupe enter Studio 1, one of Kate's changes to aid in the studio's rebound from their Regionals loss. Since the loss many dancers, like Cassie and Alfie, have left the studio, but the studio is presently packed with prospective A-Troupers. Skylar and Richelle wonder who the new studio head is since Riley stepped down to attend business school. Michelle enters the studio, feeling amiss with the absence of all of her friends. She is happy to see Emily, but is taken aback by her announcement that she is the new studio head.

Emily announces that she has hired Daniel as her choreographer, who promptly enters the room. The dancers disperse to warm up, Michelle left in disbelief that she now has to answer to somebody who was once on her team. Henry and Noah reunite, Henry admitting that Noah is looking better since breaking up with Amanda. Noah tells Henry that he met a girl he likes at a ballet workshop who will be auditioning. The girl, who has since entered the room, is confused at the sight of Henry whom she hasn't seen in years. Noah quickly notices her and hugs her; Henry is left shocked that Noah's crush is his ex-girlfriend, Jacquie.

Emily and Daniel scope the dancers as they warm up. Zara and Josh discuss their nerves; the former is anxious while the latter isn't. Richelle rehearses a flip, impressing Ozzy who subsequently attempts to flirt with her, leaving Richelle unimpressed. LaTroy and Sloane excitedly enter the studio; Sloane will not be auditioning since she has been given the opportunity to work with Luther Brown, but kisses LaTroy and wishes him good luck. Emily passes by Amy and Piper and tells Amy to put her hair up, prompting Amy to confess that A-Troupe will consist of robots under Emily's guidance. Emily asks Michelle what she thinks of the new studio; Michelle likes it, but believes it unparalleled to Studio A. Emily realizes Michelle isn't that excited, but assures her that she will be more utilized on the team, making Michelle realize that maybe she the situation can work. Daniel gathers the dancers around and Emily divides them into groups. The first group consists of Ozzy, AlexandraKevinJasmine, and LaTroy. Emily proclaims that they will not be auditioning and may join B-Troupe instead, confessing that the studio will not win with breakdancership-hop dancers, or J-Troupers. Amy begins to voice her disagreement, but is silenced by a single look from Emily. Michelle confesses her unease about the studio's changes.

Daniel announces that the auditionees will freestyle, which must showcase creativity, versatility, and, above all, technique. Group one consists of Noah, Jacquie, Henry, Tyler, and Danielle. Noah auditions, during which he pulls Jacquie onto the floor and dances with her, making Henry reminiscent of his time dating Jacquie. Jacquie auditions next, confessing that she is very competitive and won't stop until she is at the top. Henry auditions next, confessing that Jacquie broke up with him two years ago because she did not believe him to be a good enough dancer. Tyler auditions next, followed by Danielle. Group two goes next. Amy auditions first, during which Emily and Daniel discuss her previous outburst. Next, Piper auditions. Zara auditions next, confessing that dance has gotten her through tough times. Josh auditions, confessing that he used to be a typical jock, but always had a part of him that was a dancer. Lola auditions next, confessing that she didn't fit in at her old studio despite being dance captain and is hoping for a fresh start. Michelle auditions next, and despite both Emily and Daniel complimenting her, Michelle feels strange having them judge her dancing. Skylar auditions next, expressing her wish to be dance captain again. Last is Richelle, who confesses her wish to be at the top on A-Troupe. Upon the concluded auditions, Daniel and Emily thank the dancers and retreat to Emily's office to pick their team. Henry confronts Noah about Jacquie, revealing that she is the same girl who broke his heart and telling him to stay away from her. From across the room, Jacquie smiles at Noah and he smiles ever so slightly back, not knowing what to do.

Emily and Daniel are ready to reveal their troupe of ten dancers. The team consists of Michelle, Lola, Richelle, Noah, Zara, Danielle, Jordan, Tyler, Jacquie, and Piper; Henry, Amy, and Skylar do not make it onto the troupe. As the dancers who did not make it leave the room, A-Troupe shortly celebrates, only to be cut off by Emily who tells them that they need to get to work. Meanwhile, the dancers who did not make it enter the locker room, infuriated and frustrated. Skylar is notably angry, asking her peers if anyone has ever heard of a dance captain being moved down to B-Troupe. Skylar, refusing to be on B-Troupe, leaves and vows to find a better studio. LaTroy notices Amy and realizes that she got cut too. Josh is also angry, since his family moved, with him hoping to be on A-Troupe. It is at this time that Michelle peers from the doorway, silently listening in to the upset dancers. Amy admits to LaTroy that she has never been cut from a competitive team before as Henry sags against the lockers. LaTroy confesses that it was not a good day and that he is going to go home, drink juice, and watch TV by consequence. Henry admits that he is just happy B-Troupe rehearses in Studio A so he'll have less of an opportunity to run into Jacquie, while LaTroy wonders if he even wants to be at the studio anymore if it means he'll be on B-Troupe. Michelle enters Emily's office, and asks to speak to speak to her. Emily agrees, so long as she now addresses her as Miss Emily. Michelle tells Emily that she thinks she made a huge mistake, cutting some of the most amazing dancers. Emily disagrees, sure that all of the amazing dancers are on the troupe. Michelle retorts that only classically trained dancers were picked, thus ignoring the hip-hop dancers and breakdancers, although Emily deems those dancers a mere hindrance. Michelle is left in even more disbelief and tells Emily she is wrong, which Emily deems disrespectful since Michelle is just a dancer while she is studio head. Michelle asserts that things are about to change. Emily confesses that Michelle better get used to her being in charge, while Michelle confesses that Emily doesn't intimidate her anymore and that she is going to take her on.  





  • Briana Andrade-Gomes as Briana
  • Danielle Ching as Danielle
  • Dawson Handy as Josh
  • Tyler Hutchings as Tyler
  • Jordan Letlow as Jordan
  • Julian Lombardi as Ozzy
  • Jessica Lord as Lola
  • Dylan Ratzlaff as Jacquie
  • Milaina Robinson as Zara
  • Jade Whitney as unnamed dancer