Two dancers clash and Miss Kate shakes up the studio again and Acro Nation will be compromised.


Miss Kate has made a meeting with Michelle, Emily and Paige. Miss Kate says since they never had auditions for The Next Steps A-Troupe they will be auditioning for a spot on the regionals team, Paige asks what about her she says that she can have a guarenteed spot on A-Troupe. However she has to be the one to tell the dancers. Paige says she can’t do that because they know that the team in there isn’t going to be in there for much longer. Miss Kate asks Paige if she wants the spot she says yes and she will tell the dancers.

Paige tells the dancers to gather round, she says Miss Kate has made the delicious to re audition for A-Trouper no ones spot is safe. Amy says knowing Michelle and Emily she will be going, they always overlook her and never pick her for any featured dances.

Theme song- Noah and Paige, Richelle and Jacquie, Amy and Henry, Piper and Finn, Ozzy and Kingston, Summer and Kenzie, Emily and Michelle. End pose is Michelle, Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Amy, Henry, Paige, Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Finn, Ozzy, Richelle and Emily.

Kingston and Ozzy are watching the rehearsal of the convention dance and Kingston asks Emily what is going on, she says Jacquie, Summer, Richelle and Paige are auditioning for the solo as whoever does best in the quartet. Ozzy and Kingston ask why they were not considered. Emily says the girls give 110% and they give 90%, then she goes back to watching the quartet again. Kingston says he is clearly not getting the recognition he deserves and he is going to do something about it. Amy is in Studio 1 rehearsing for the re auditions when Thalia says that she is struggling to pick which dancers to use for an upcoming duet competition to promote Acro Nations ability. Amy says that Thalia should pick Ty and Brandon. Thalia says she likes where Amy‘s Head is at and that is a perfect idea. Amy says that she always wants more when she isn’t at Acro Nation but when she is she is on fire.

Kingston, Ozzy, Finn and Henry are in Studio A waiting for a special guest. Finn asks who this guy is Kingston says a super good dancer. Ozzy says he is super cool. Henry says he is a total prankster and he even worked for Luther Brown. He walks is it’s ..... LaTroy he says my brothers I’m back, he says he is back and never better. LaTroy says he already has some choreography that he came up with after reading Kingston’s text, LaTroy says that Kingston isn’t showing of now but after this he will be. Kingston says to be a star dancer he needs to stand out and he doesn’t know anyone who stands out more than LaTroy. Then Ozzy starts messing about talking about a video game and Henry tells him to unplug.

Summer, Jacquie, Paige and Richelle are is Studio 1 practising the quartet and Jacquie and Richelle are a mess. Summer and Paige are hiring every move perfectly but Richelle and Jacquie keep messing up every move to try and one up each other, Summer says they are trying to sabotage her, she is just going to keep going harder and harder.

Kingston and Ozzy are working on the choreo LaTroy gave them when Ozzy keeps talking about random stuff like the video game and it ends up happening for the whole rehearsal. LaTroy comes over to them and asks them to show him what they have got. Kingston says nothing. LaTroy asks why. Kingston says they are just distracted. Kingston says he is trying to be a better dancer and Ozzy is getting in his way. Ozzy says look at Kinhston being so serious trying to be good st dance. Kingston tells Ozzy to move out his way. Kingston says Ozzy doesn’t get it and the thing is he never will because he is Ozzy. He will always be that way.

Meanwhile, Jacquie and Richelle and in Shakes and Ladders and tell Summer that todays rehearsal is cancelled and Michelle asked us to tell her. Richelle says Jacquie and herself have come up with a plan to get rid of Summer. In Studio A Michelle, Richelle and Jacquie are in Studio A and Michelle asks if they know where Summer is and they say know and it is so unprofessional. Paige is walking down the hall and sees Summer and asks her why she isn’t in Studio A, she says that Richelle and Jacquie told her that it was cancelled. Paige tells her to come with me. They walk in to the Studio and Michelle asks what is going on and Paige says Richelle and Jacquie are trying to sabotage Summer by getting her kicked of the dance. Jacquie says that have been busted. Michelle asks Richelle and Jacquie if this is true they say yes. Michelle says things like this can’t go unpunished. Richelle is no longer in the front row and they are both kicked of this dance and will be replaced. Richelle says that this is all Summers Fault. Michelle tells them not to blame Summer they have no one to blame but themselves. Michelle tells Summer she is now in the front row spot. Jacquie says this is not fair.

Finn, Kingston, Henry and LaTroy are in Studio A getting ready to perform their dance, but Ozzy doesnt show up, Kingston says he hopes Ozzy didn’t get upset on how he talked to him. Ozzy walks in Kingston says he is happy to see him. Emily says they are ready to see their dance. Kingston says after this dance Emily and Michelle are going to give him every solo. They dance. Kingston asks if he can be in any dances. Michelle says yes as they are looking for spots on the quartet if he makes the re auditions he can be on that. Kingston says that is good enough for now.


  • There will be re auditions for spots on A-Troupe.
  • Richelle has been demoted to middle row.
  • Summer has been premoted to front row.



  • Alexa Mills as Paige
  • Liam Mackie as Finn
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Myles Erlick as Noah
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle
  • Dylan Ratzlaff as Jacquie
  • Isiah Peck as Henry
  • Julian Lombardi as Ozzy
  • Sage Linder as Summer
  • Emmerley Tinglin as Kenzie
  • Shelby Bain as Amy
  • Noah Zulfikar as Kingston
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily
  • Victoria Baldeserra as Michelle


  • Tavetta as Thalia
  • Akiel Julien as LaTroy

songs used in this episode

  • Slow Up
  • Hotel
  • Stand Up
  • Up in the Clouds
  • Retwist
  • Work
  • Cant Stop Me Now