The aftermath of the qualifier video is found out. Everyone is reeling from all the changes.


Ozzy, Kingston, Jacquie, Heather, Piper, Noah, Amy and Henry are in the studio practising their dance to work. The music turns on Amy starts of dancing she says that Michelle and Emily aren’t here as they got kicked out the studio for letting Richelle dance with an injury, but she doesn’t know where Paige is. Ozzy then goes saying he misses Richelle and even though she doesn’t feel the same way he can’t help it, she makes him happy everyday and makes him smile every time. Kingston goes and says that Lola left the studio after Richelle’s injury as she didn’t want to be blamed, he misses her as he was going to ask her out but now he has no hope. Piper goes Next and says she is so glad Josh is gone she didn’t want to see his face ever again he broke her heart and made her miserable. Jacquie goes Next and says everything with Noah is great after he told Paige he didn’t love her at all and he just loved her, everything is great at the studio but it is a bit suspicious about Paige leaving all of a sudden was it because of Noah or something else. They go into a group dance and Heather says that Zara left the studio as she decided math was more important than dance and she had fallen out of love with dance. Henry goes next and says that everything is going great he has his best friend and all of his teammates but he wonders were Paige has gone. Heather goes next and says she got offered a place in Yale and wants to take it but she doesn’t want to leave tns as they are her best friends the only people she wants to be with. Amy goes next she says she is in love with her dance and now Richelle is injured she can move to the top, nothing will get in the way of her. Noah goes and says that he wasn’t telling the truth he is in love with Paige but they could never be as Jacquie would hate him and make everything difficult. They end with a pose.

The theme is just The Next Step logo.

Michelle, Emily and Paige are in the new juice bar Shakes and Ladders. Emily says she has a new vision that as manager she will introduce a make your own shake. Paige reminded her they are co managers. Emily says that she guesses that Michelle and Paige are looking for another apology. Michelle says that she is right. Emily says she has apologised 1000 times. Paige reminded her it is only 22 or 21 as the one in the car ride here wasn’t very sincere. Michelle says she agrees. Michelle says that Emily and her were fired for letting Richelle dance even though Emily was the one who knew about it. Paige got kicked of the team as she knew about the injury and kept quiet even though she told Emily. She says it’s basically as Emily’s Fault.

Miss Angela walks in and calls the dance A-Troupe did sloppy and boring. She then introduces 4 new dancers on to the team. Summer, Kenzie, Finn and most importantly Lily the new best dancer on the team. Amy says that the girl Lily is obviously trying to steal Paige’s spot as best dancer. Lily tells the dancers to line up the line up. Miss Angela says Lily, Finn and Summer are perfect she says Noah looks scruffy. Ozzy s glasses are in the way of a clean face. Kingston’s body language says he is a bad performer. She says Piper looks stunned, that Jacquie has a tense face, that Henry has big feet which makes clumsiness more likely, she says Amy needs to get a hair tie and tie her hair back as is prevents good Acro. Lastly she says Heather should stand up straight then when she doesn’t she asks if she is holding Heather to a standard she finds unexceptable. Heather says no studio head is this horrible and this isn’t the Next Step she wants to be at anymore, she says Miss Angela made her desicion that much more easier.

Heather is packing her things and Jacquie walks in and asks her why she is packing her things away to leave the studio and she says she cant stand Miss Angela and won’t put up with her snide remarks against her and her teammates. Jacquie hugs Heather and when she walks out Heather says that this isn’t The Next Step she knows anymore and it shouldn’t of ended this way.

Miss Angela presents the class with a Acro combo to practice Piper tries to get it but she can’t, when Miss Angela calls her out on it Piper says she can’t do Acro and she is trying to improve everyday. Miss Angela says that until she gets the Acro combo A-Troupe will do planks for the rest of rehearsal. Kenzie says she feels sorry for Piper, Miss Angela likes flash if you can’t do Acro you can’t dance on her team.

Piper goes to Michelle, Emily and Paige for advice, as soon as Piper walks in Paige hides behind the counter trying to block out her sister so she doesn’t find her. When she asks Michelle were Paige is she say she is in the toilet when Emily asks she says she is out shopping, Piper knows something is up with Paige. Piper aks Michelle what she should do about the way Miss Angela is treating her. Michelle said to stay at the back, don’t talk to her, don’t look at her and don’t voice your concerns to her. Piper tells Michelld her advice is terrible, Michelle tells her that’s what she wish she had done with Miss Kate then glares at Emily. Emily says when will enough be enough with Michelle.

Piper goes to Finn for advice as he looks like a knowledgeable guy, Finn asks why she needs advice Piper says she doesn’t like the crowds feeling like all the pressure to do well is on her. She is intimidated by all the other amazing dancers she is intimidated by Miss Angela and Lily. Finn tells Piper to listen to her gut and follow her heart and although it sounds cheesy it always works. Piper hugs Finn and tells him she values him as a new friend.

Piper walks in to Studio A all pumped up to have a go at Miss Angela. When she gets there everyone from A-Troupe is there she then tells Miss Angela that she doesnt appriciate the mean comments and telling her what she can and can’t do. She thinks that Lily isn’t the best dancer and that they are all good dancers and that Lily wasn’t very good and that her sister Paige was 10 times the dancer Lily would ever be. Miss Angela asks piper to repeat that she says that she said Lily isn’t the best dancer we are all amazing dancers and that their are loads of other amazing dancers, dancers better than Lil. Miss Angela says that she is delusional if she thinks that and tells her to sit on the side and watch what real dancers do. Piper walks out and says The Next Step is changing and not in a good way.


  • Heather has left the next step as she got excepted into college.
  • Lola, Zara and Josh have left TNS.
  • Michelle and Emily were fired and Paige was kicked of the team, they work in Shakes and Ladders.
  • Shakes and Ladders is the new bar that replaced Neutral Grounds.
  • Miss Angela is the new studio head that Miss Kate hired to fix the studio.
  • This episode was named after Camila Cabello’s song Into It.



  • Alexa Mills as Paige
  • Myles Erlick as Noah
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Shelby Bain as Amy
  • Julian Lombardi as Ozzy
  • Noah Zulfikar as Kingston
  • Liam Mackie as Finn
  • Sage Linder as Summer
  • Dylan Ratzlaff as Jacquie
  • Isiah Peck as Henry
  • Victoria Baldeserra as Michelle
  • Emmerley Tinglin as Kenzie
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily


  • Kelly Fanson as Angela
  • Katie Orcentio as Lily


  • Berkeley Ratzlaff as Davis
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle

Songs used in this episode

  • Work
  • All We Need
  • The Hard Way
  • Fire with Fire
  • Cant Stop the Fire
  • Right Here. Right Now
  • Unsinkable
  • Rewind
  • Addicted to U