Miss Kate reveals the teams and a lot will change, but are the team ready to hear it.


Miss Kate says they New A-Troupe is Paige, Noah, Amy, Lily, Jacquie, Kingston, Finn, Kenzie, Summer and Richelle. Acro Nation is Piper, Heather, Winnie, Ozzy, Henry, Heathcliff, Davis, Sloane,Max and Hunter. She tells the rest to get their stuff and that they are welcome to join B-Troupe.

The theme song is Paige and Noah, Amy and Lily, Richelle and Kenzie, Finn and Kingston, Jacquie and Summer. The end pose is Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Jacquie, Finn, Paige, Noah, Richelle, Amy, Lily.

Piper walks into Studio A and says she is shattered after all her hard work on her acro she gets slammed in the face. Winnie goes up to Piper and says hi. Winnie says she would like to makes friends with Piper as she looks like she may be upset. Piper says hi welcome to TNS former A-Troupe member and dance captain. Winnie says at least she is dancing still. Piper says I guess. Winnie asks Piper if she would like to be friends. Piper says yes.

(White Walls Piper and Winnie dancing)

Amy goes up to Paige and says it feels weird without everyone. Paige agrees and says us guys need to stick together. Me, you, Noah, Jacquie, Piper and Henry. Amy asks what about Richelle. Paige says the only reason this has happened is because of Richelle, the only reason that Piper isn’t hear and is in some stupid Acro Nation is because of Richelle and she is never trusting her again. Amy says she agrees it is all Richelle‘s fault. Miss Kate comes in and says she has found a replacement Studio Head, Miss Angela. Lily says oh no. Lily pulls Paige aside and says that that is her mum. Paige replies with so what. So what she is head of the Gemini’s. I will tell Miss Kate. Miss Kate that is the head of The Gemini so she can’t be here. Miss Kate asks if this is true. Angela says yes but she was employed by Lucien Head of Elite. Miss Kate says she can’t be here so go. Angela says no as she has changed, Lily says you’re still the same old schemer you always have been, get out before I call Dad. Angela says call Dad oh no, sarcastically. Michelle walks in and says go as Lucien is on his way as I told him you were here, scumbag. You’re a silly little ex studio head he won’t believe you. Yes I will Lucien has replied. Angela I told you are scheming days are over, you’re out of Gemini. Angela tells Michelle this is all her fault. Michelle says yes and she is proud of it. Michelle says bye to Angela and to never come back or she will get it. Angela leaves. Miss Kate tells Michelle she stood up to Angela very well and showed commitment to the studio again and that she should be rewarded and tells her she can be the studio head if she still wants to be, she says what about Emily. Miss Kate says no Richelle‘s injury was all of Emily’s fault. Richelle steps forward and tells Miss Kate it wasn’t. She never told Michelle, Emily or West. Just Lola and Daniel sussed it out but I denied it. I was looking for someone to blame and it should only of been myself. I know I’ve let you all down but if your ready to forgive me then I would like it. Miss Kate says is that so and she calls Emily in. Later Emily arrives and Miss Kate asks if what Richelle said was true. Richelle repeats what she said in the studio to Emily. Emily says yes but she should of listened and she is sorry and she knows she is a bad studio head but with Michelle we bring out the best in each other. Miss Kate agrees and says that Emily and Michelle can return being studio heads, but Thalia, Eldon and Giselle will help out and Chloe as she is bringing her classes here. Emily and Michelle say that that is great and that they should tell everyone. Miss Kate reveals to the who studio that Michelle and Emily are in charge as co studio heads again.

Miss Kate says she needs to pick 4 members of B-Troupe or Acro Nation to be alternates and 2 to be members in a few weeks as the regionals board have agreed to have a 16 member team.