After Qualifying for Regionals, Miss Kate has some big changes to announce, new Studio Heads are announced and auditions are held.


The music starts Ain‘t No Number Two comes on. Lola, Heather, Max, Sloane,Noah, Paige, Jacquie, Amy, Piper, Kingston and Henry come in and start dancing. Heather and Lola do a small duet and Lola says she is leaving The Next Step as Richelle will never forgive her after breaking her point shoe even if it was for her own good. Heather confesses that she wants to be here but she is scared of what will happen next. Piper dances and says she is really looking forward to this year. Amy starts dancing and says that she is excited for what’s to come and hopefully she will make A-Troupe and be featured in some dances this year. Jacquie dances and says she isn’t glad her and Noah broke up as he wasn’t the right fit for her and she wasn‘t the right fit for him and they are still really good friends. Henry and Kingston start dancing together and Henry says Richelle is still in the Hospital but has been given the all clear to dance for the auditions. Max dances and says coming to the next step was a great choice. Kingston says he couldn’t feel better he is now an amazing dancer and it is all thanks to Michelle. Sloane dances and says she is excited for this year and can’t wait to bring her A game .Lastly Noah and Paige take to the floor and do a duet. Noah confesses his relationship itch Paige couldn’t be better they are in love. Paige says this will be her sixth year on A-Troupe and hopefully her fifth year as dance captain and her first year with Noah. The end pose is Jacquie, Henry, Kingston, Heather, Paige, Noah, Piper and Amy.

The theme song just says The Next Step

Jacquie, Henry, Kingston, Paige, Noah, Piper and Amy and talking about the new A-Troupe when Miss Kate comes in with an announcement that there isn’t now going to be two groups. Amy says that is not a good idea as last year it ended is disaster. Miss Kate says that A-Troupe will only be competing at regionals so far, but she is trying to make them allow the teams be 16 dancers, 12 mains and 4 alternates. Miss Kate says there will be A-Troupe and Acro Nation. A-Troupe is for the all round dancers and Acro Nation is the one that works on hip-hop and acro. A-Troupe will be lead by me for now and Acro Nation will be lead by Thalia and Eldon. Henry asks where Michelle and Emily are. Miss Kate replies with that they let Richelle dance even though they knew she was injured so they were disposed of. Paige says in talking heads that this isn’t fair. I have know Michelle for ages and she has never done anything like this nor has Emily. Something is very fishy. Miss Kate says that Daniel and West also knew about the injury and they have been kicked out as well. Kingston asks who is the new head choreographer. Miss Kate says Giselle. Paige runs up to her and gives her a massive hug. Giselle says it is nice to be back with Paige her best friend.

Miss Kate says that the auditions start in two hours and to get ready.

Two hours later Miss Kate gathers everyone In Studio 1 and says that this year everyone will do freestyle this morning at and this afternoon she will split them in to four groups. Miss Kate says let the auditions begin.

In the freestyle round Right Here, Right Now plays Amy goes first she says that she is looking great, doing great and hopefully it is enough for A-Troupe as this would be her 3rd year. Ozzy goes Next he says that he auditioned last year and didn’t make it but he has improved being mature and in acro and contempary and he enjoys dancing. Kingston goes Next he says that he improved so much last year and mastered baby ballet and now he is unstoppable. Lily goes Next and says she is a former member of Gemini and hated it there they were all so mean and undermining that she left her mother who is head of Gemini to her dad who said that he knew The Next Step were good with their internationals record but she has trouble making friends and if she gets in it will be a challenge. Davis goes next and confesses that this is daunting and she just wants a chance to prove herself for the person she can be and then it will all work out perfectly. Finn goes Next and says that he really wants this and hope she he can bring it. Piper goes and says that she needs to show of the acro she has been working on with her sister Paige and she feels she is improving but at a slow rate. Richelle goes and says she has a bad reputation here now after getting Michelle, Emily, Daniel, West and Lola kicked of the team and she knows Paige doesn’t like her anymore. She just needs to prove herself again. Jacquie goes Next and says she loved A-Troupe last year and says it felt like a family, she can’t wait to be part of that again. Kenzie goes and says she used to be part of Life of Dance but she left as the people were mean and as they only let women join she knew they weren’t strong enough. Brian goes, then Tiara, then Tamara, then Viki, then Lauren. Beth goes and says she has worked on her skills in B-Troupe and is coming fighting back.Summer goes and says was a part of The Ballet Company which Chloe was in she talked about TNS all the time and she knew she had to go there to be the best she can be.Max says he is dancing amazing and bring all the best moves that they want to see. Hunter goes Next and says his mom got transfered back to Toronto so he can compete from TNS again. Heathcliff goes and says she is very excited to audition but nervous as she knows this team has to be amazing. Shantel goes Next and says she has learnt from her mistakes and has become more flexible with her teamwork. Heather goes and says she has improved but she needs to work on teamwork as she didn’t get a chance to last year. Henry goes next he says that he is popping, locking and he is in the zone, making A-Troupe tick. Sloane dances and says she is at the top of her game. Winnie goes Next and says she left her old studio as she was bullied, but hopefully she will have a better experience at TNS. Noah goes next and says he can’t wait for this year. Being with Paige dancing with his best friends. Paige goes last and says she is dancing at the top of her game and nothing will stop year, she is with Noah, she is the dance captain and she is the best dancer in the studio. Nothing is going to stop her, no one is taking anything away from her.

Miss Kate and Giselle says that it was a very good audition and she can’t wait to what everyone can bring for the dance season. Unfortunately she has to cut some dancers.