Paige and Richelle put in motion their plan to dethrone Miss Angela as Studio Head. A new member joins A-Troupie and not everyone is happy about her arrival


Richelle is in Studio A telling everyone about the plan to get rid of Miss Angela, When Miss Kate walks in, they all go up to hug her and Henry says it’s always good when Miss Kate comes back. Miss Angela walks out of the Studio to go to lunch with Miss Kate. Lily tells everyone to get into their positions, when Richelle says that Lily and her should go and practice their duet for regionals, Lily agrees, Richelle is only doing this to get rid of Lily so they can get their plan ready.

Lily and Richelle are in Studio A rehearsing when Jacquie walks in and says she forgot the tools and the party decorations for the plan in Studio A. She walks in creeping around looking for the decorations and they are right beside Lily, Richelle moves Lily away and tells her to close her eyes but she doesn’t fall for it she sees Jacquie their and Jacquie tells them Noah broke a bench in Studio A, Lily says they better get back to Studio A then when Jacquie says she meant Noah sat on the bench and left scuff marks.

The theme is just the Next Step logo.

The dancers are getting everything in the studio ready for the big plan to come together. Richelle says that the plans are already set in stone we just need Paige to be set in motion, they might not be able to get Michelle and Emily back but since Paige has been her 6 years she can see her as the new studio head maybe. Meanwhile, in the locker room Lily tells Richelle that she has never had a friend before and that no one really has ever liked her. Richelle says that Lily is really nice, if it wasn’t for her mother she would be really good at dancing she wouldn’t be cheesy she would have friends, its all because of Miss Angela Lily is like this. Richelle asks Lily if she wants to go for Shakes, Lily says they better get back to the studio, because Miss Kate will be back any time now. Richelle says no, Lily runs off, Richelle chases after her and says she hopes the plan is set in motion now and completed. Lily walks into Studio A to find all the decorations and all Miss Angela’s plans all over the walls. Lily says to take it down or they will pay, right then Miss Kate walks into Studio A.

Miss Kate walks into Studio A and sees all of the plan, she asks the dancers what they have done. Paige says that they have created the studio that Miss Angela has planned and then revealed the canvas that says Miss Angela’s The Next Step, Miss Kate is in shock. She says she can’t believe Angela has done this. Paige goes and shows Miss Kate all the photos that Miss Angela planned to turn the studio into. Miss Kate and Paige walk into the office with Miss Angela fuming. Lily has a go at Richelle for exposing Miss Angela, Richelle says it’s nothing against her they just hate Miss Angela. Liky keeps having a go at Richelle then Richelle chucks the whole cake at Lily and it goes all over her. Finn then yells food fight and they make a massive mess, then someone chucks food at the window, Miss Kate, Paige and Miss Angela walk out of the office. Kate says that this is what Miss Angela did for the studio, messed everything up. Then Summer chucks a whole pie at Miss Angela and then she tells everyone they will be doing planks for weeks. Miss Kate says that Miss Angela can’t do that, she asks why, Miss Kate says it’s because she is no longer the studio head or a co owner. Miss Angela says big mistake Kate, then Miss Angela tells TNS that she has already made a plan to destroy The Next Step and make them pay at regionals, she just needs to find a new team. She then throws a pie at Miss Kate and walks out. Miss Kate tells the dancers that they are staying until they clean up this mess. Lily stays and helps clean up. Noah asks Lily why she is staying, and Lily explains herself saying that she has never had friends because of her mom and no one has ever been nice to her and that is why she is like this. Amy says that they aren’t falling for that. Lily says these people aren’t as gulliablue as she thought.

A-Troupe dances a group dance and then Noah reveals that they need two more members and a new studio heads, Kate says that Paige has to be the 12tb member if she would like to, and she will sort the rest out. Jacquie goes to hug Paige when she steps back and Jacquie asked Paige what was wrong and she says that she stole Noah from her. Jacquie says that that is rubbish and she has Noah’s heart forever and always.

Piper is in Studio 1 clearing her head, when Michelle and Emily come in to help her with her confidence she says she is grateful and she really misses Michelle and Emily as Studio heads


  • A Troupe has all there members.
  • Miss Angela is no longer the studio head of the next step.
  • Lily is no longer a member of the next step.



  • Myles Erlick as Noah
  • Alexa Mills as Paige
  • Dylan Ratzlaff as Jacquie
  • Victoria Baldeserra as Michelle
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Emmerley Tilgin as Kenzie
  • Liam Mackie as Finn
  • Isiah Peck as Henry
  • Shelby Bain as Amy
  • NIan Zulfikar as Kingston
  • Julian Lombardi as Ozzy


  • Bree Wasylenko as Kate
  • Kelly Fanson as Angela
  • Katie Orcentio as Lily

songs used in this episode

  • Put You First
  • Hero
  • Hurricane
  • Coming Home
  • Fire
  • Today
  • Rivalry