The Re-Auditions begin and no ones spot is safe, cuts are made, dancers are lost. A new beginning, A new team.


All the dancers and dancers from B-Troupe and other studios are gathered in Studio A. Michelle and Emily welcome everyone to The Next Step. Richelle says it ridicolous that they have to re-audition for A-Troupe, but she wants the best team at regionals, so if this is what it takes she is on board. Noah notices that Jacquie’s sister is here and he is confused by that as Jacquie says she didn’t want Davis to audition.

Theme song- Noah and Paige, Richelle and Jacquie, Amy and Henry, Piper and Finn, Ozzy and Kingston, Summer and Kenzie, Emily and Michelle. End pose is Michelle, Summer, Kenzie, Kingston, Amy, Henry, Paige, Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Finn, Ozzy, Richelle and Emily.

Michelle says this year the auditions will be a bit different, they will have group with star dancers, great dancers and good dancers. In Group 1 the star dancers group there is Paige, Noah, Jacquie, Richelle, Summer, Davis, Alfie Piper says Alfie is back, that’s amazing he is such a good dancer, when we went to regionals he was the focus of our piece, we need him on are team and then Michelle says last but not least Kingston. Amy says she can’t believe Michelle and Emily don’t see her as a star dancer. Emily says in Group 2 there is Piper, Kenzie, Amy, Henry, Skylar, Simone, Lola and Tyler. In Group 3 there is Ozzy, Finn, Winnie, Heathcliffe, Adam Piper says that Adam is Josh’s brother so she hopes Josh isn’t audition. Emily finishes with Ben and Cassie. Amy hugs Cassie and says she can’t believe Cassie is back and she is so excited. Michelle says they will be putting the dancers in to fours to showcase specific dancers abilities. In Group 1 there is Paige, Piper, Ozzy and Jacquie. In Group 2 Noah, Kingston, Amy and Cassie. In Group 3 Cassie, Alfie. Tyler and Winnie. In Group 4 there is Finn, Simone, Henry and Summer. In Group 5 there is Davis, Kenzie, Heathcliffe and Adam. In Group 6 there is Ben, Danielle, Skylar and Reuben. Group 1, 3 and 4 get Studio A and Group 2,5 and 6 get Studio 1. Michelle and Emily tells the dancers that who over wins the group dance round gets an early spot on the team then they say let the auditions begin.

Group 1,3 and 4 are in Studio A rehearsing, when Paige gets a text, she shows Piper and it says that Emily has sent them a time limit and it’s 30 minutes. Jacquie says that’s cut throat, Paige says they need to rehearse. Back in Studio 1 Davis and Kenzie are talking and Kenzie says that she could see her being one of her good friends. They get the text and it says they now only have 20 minutes. When the time runs out

everyone meets in Studio A she asks group 1 to go first, Jacquie says it all comes down to this, they better win. They dance to Flying, Piper says she and the other dancers are killing it there is no question they are going to regionals. Jacquie says she looks over and Paige, Piper and Ozzy are doing amazing and it makes her want to give more. Paige says they are doing amazing but she isn’t sure it’s clean enough. Ozzy says it’s amazing learning from these girls. Michelle tells the dancers that the dance was amazing. The rest of the groups go but only clips are shown. Davis’ group are next Kenzie says only her and Davis where clean and that might cost they other dancers. They dance to Watching the world. Kenzie says Davis and her are giving everything but Heath and Adam aren’t and that might put them at an disadvantage to get a early spot.

Michelle and Emily come out of the office and say that the group that has gained the first spots on Regionals are Paige, Ozzy, Jacquie and Piper. Emily says that they have decided the one whole group will be eliminated, they say that group is Cassie, Alfie, Tyler and Winnie. Amy says she agrees with that descion as it wasn’t clean even though Cassie won’t be on the team. Emily says that the rest of the dancers will audition tomorrow for the spots.


  • Paige, Piper, Jacquie and Ozzy have there spots on A-Troupe back.

songs used in this episode

  • Whirlwind
  • Flying
  • Watching the World
  • Hotel
  • My Turn
  • Go For Broke
  • Work