Liam and Piper get closer, a dance captain is revealed and preparations for Rocking in to Regionals start.


Michelle and Emily are in their office and Emily says to Michelle that they should think about a dance captain. Michelle said it would be good if there was co-captains so they could balance options and find the best idea. Emily agrees and it might work as well as their co captaincy. Michelle says everyone who wants to be a dance captain shall find a partner and choreograph and duet. Emily says that that is a great idea and shall they tells the others.

Theme song- Michelle and Emily, Noah and Paige, Lily and Piper, Amy and Jacquie, Winnie and Finn. Then it says Acro Nation, Thalia and Eldon, Richelle and Ozzy, Kingston and Davis, Henry and Kenzie, Summer and Zara. The end pose is Richelle, Davis, Jacquie, Kingston, Ozzy, Kenzie, Summer, Zara, Thalia, Eldon, Emily, Michelle, Paige, Noah, Finn, Amy, Henry, Piper, Winnie and Lily.

Emily and Michelle gather A-Troupe together and tell them that they want the dance captain to be joint this year so they have picked four dancers Paige, Amy, Lily and Noah. They have to partner up and choreograph a duet each one group will have Piper and Finn, the other will have Winnie and Jacquie. Paige asks Amy if she would like to partners as they have become best friends lately she sees it only fitting to do it together. Amy said she would like to they then hug. Noah then asks Paige if she would like to be partners Paige tells Noah she’s is with Amy. Noah says that is fine and he will go with Lily. Paige says she would ask Noah but it could jeopardise things for the team if they broke up. Emily says Amy and Paige get Piper and Finn, Noah and Lily get Winnie and Jacquie. They agree and get off working. Piper approaches Finn and says he is cute but she is not ready for a relationship as she is still getting over Josh. Finn says Piper is amazing and he wishes that he had the guts to ask her out.

Both the duets rehearse and Emily and Michelle observe. Amy and Paige are both giving constructive feedback and helping the dancers but Noah and Lily aren’t really working that hard and wanting it. They then come back later in front off the whole of A-Troupe. Amy and Paige’s group go first Piper and Finn dance amazingly as Finn lifts Piper in the air he can just feel their chemistry blossoming into something so surreal. Piper says she is just having an amazing time with Finn and it feels like they have been dancing together their whole lives. Noah and Lily’s group go next. Winnie and Jacquie dance they are good but are lacking chemistry and heart that Paige’s group has.

Emily and Michelle ask the whole of A-Troupe to do an open vote and they will participate as well to know where everyone stands. Piper, Finn, Heather, Heathcliff, Emily and Michelle vote for Paige and Amy. Winnie and Jacquie vote for Noah and Lily. Michelle says that it look s like Amy and Paige are the new dance captains. They hug. Amy says she can’t believe she is a dance captain this is so cool. Paige says obviously till is her year.

Thalia gathers Acro Nation and says that their dance captains this year will be Summer and Zara as they are very versatile and able to lead this team to regionals. Sumer and Zara hug. Zara says to new starts and new friendships. Thalia says she wants to rehearse Summers solo and Kenzie and Henry’s duet. They stay behind to dance.

Emily asks Paige, Finn, Lily and Piper to stay behind. Piper says she wonders what. Emily is going to talk to them about. Emily says she will be swapping Piper for the duet and Lily for the six person dance. Lily agrees and says that she agrees and says that Piper and Finn have great chemistry and make a great couple and she wonders how she can help them be a couple, matchmaker Lily on the radar. Emily says she would like to rehearse Paige’s solo.