Keep Dancing is the 7th Episode of Season 6


“Callum, Jake, Michelle, Noah, Richelle and Lola are asked to join TNS East. Thalia re-auditions A-Troupe.”


Michelle dances in Studio A. Michelle confesses that she is looking forward to dancing at regionals but as the dancers have been forcing her out she has hard to take action As Michelle dances, Emily enters, loving Michelle's dancing and that she is ready for what Emily has in store for her. When Michelle finishes, Michelle asks her why she is back at the studio. Emily confesses that she is back and she is starting up TNS East again and she wants her on the team. Michelle confesses that it is not good.

No intro

In Studio 1, Jake is dancing. Jake confesses that he has improved since he has been on A-Troupe. Then he gets a text from Emily saying meet Me in studio a. Jake confesses why Emily is back at the studio. Then Piper enters and confesses that she likes Jake more than a friend. Since her and Callum broke up. Then Giselle enters and confesses that Piper and Jake are a perfect duet.

In Shakes and Ladders, Elliot confesses that he may need to leave the studio due to him not being featured in the regionals routines. Then Emily enters and states that she need Elliot on her team. Elliot says that he will join TNS East. Then Heather serves Emily. Heather confesses that she needs to tell someone but she is unsure of who.

In Studio 1, Michelle, Noah, Richelle, Lola, Elliot, Jake and Callum are waiting for Emily. Michelle confesses that she is nervous about her joining TNS East. Then Emily enters with Heathcliff, Lily, Kenzie, Finn and Charlie. Emily says that they are all TNS East. Noah says that he will be going to both rehearsals. Then Thalia enters and says that she is re-auditioning A-Troupe. Winnie enters and confesses that she is nervous to be on the troupe.

Later that day, she starts the auditions. Jake, Summer, Skye, Daniela, Maddie, Heather and Kyle are in the first group. Kyle confesses that he will not make the team if he doesn’t perform well. Thalia announces that they are not good enough for the regionals team. Michelle confesses that she is disappointed that they are not part of A-Troupe. Thalia announces the new A-Troupe is Michelle, Lola, Richelle, Elliot, Heathcliff, Lily, Kenzie, Summer, Noah, Piper, Charlie, Winnie and Joe. Then she pulls aside Richelle. Thalia confesses that she has a surprise for her. Richelle says “what, is it.” Thalia replies that she wants her to teach J-Troupe.

In Studio A, J-Troupe is waiting for someone. A J-Trouper says that he has been waiting for a while. Richelle enter and says “I am going to teach the routine for your competition.”


  • A-Troupe contains Michelle, Lola, Richelle, Elliot, Heathcliff, Lily, Kenzie, Summer, Winnie, Joe, Charlie, Piper and Noah.
  • Jake, Summer, Skye, Daniela, Maddie, Heather And Kyle are no longer members of A-Troupe