Belonging is the 4th episode of Season 6. It was aired on the 29th December in the U.K.


Piper and William get closer. A-Troupe rehearses their 10 Person dance.


In Studio A, Amy is dancing to Home. Amy says (Talking Heads Caption says Assistant Choreographer) “Being a Choreographer is going to be harder than I thought.” Piper enters.

intro: Michelle and Piper, Davis and William, Elliot and Kingston, Noah and Jacquie, Ethan and Lily, Lola and Richelle. End Pose is Lily, Richelle, Elliot, Ethan, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Lola, Kingston, Noah, William and Davis. At the Top is says The Next Step and at the bottom says A-Troupe.

In Studio 1, Giselle says “Amy will be choreographing the duet and I have chosen Piper and William but if you don’t come up with a great routine. I will be using Noah and Richelle or Lola and Jacquie.” In Neutral Grounds, Michelle Meets Stephanie, Amanda and Chloe. Stephanie says (Talking Heads Caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer) “Being Back At the studio is amazing and now a new A-Troupe is going to regionals.” Michelle says “I am the dance captain again.” Chloe says “congratulations and I have made a new studio. Chloe’s School Of Dance.” Michelle says “so are you competing at regionals.” Chloe says “not this year, I will be supporting the studio.”

In Studio 1’s office, Giselle is sat signing in the twelve dancers names then she gets an email from the regionals board saying that they need a solo to confirm that they are competing at regionals. She texts A-Troupe saying that she needs to meet them. A-Troupe enters studio 1. Elliot says “what do you want us for.” Giselle says “Well Just to let you know that we need a soloist to go to the competition.” Piper says “who is doing the solo.” Giselle says “well I have chosen ... Michelle.” Michelle heads to the rehearsal room.

In the rehearsal room, Michelle starts to dancing to empire. Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance captain) “as the Next Step Soloist I need to make sure I get us to regionals or we are not going to nationals. Since we lost regionals last year I need to make sure I can compete at regionals.” Piper, Elliot, Jacquie, William, Noah and Davis enter. Davis says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Regionals Judge) “Being a Former judge this routine will definitely stand out at the second qualifier.” Piper says (Talking Heads Caption says Contemporary Dancer) “this solo is amazing and we are going to win the regionals qualifier with this routine.” Michelle says “I have to go to the qualifier.”

Intro - Riley and Emily, Giselle and Amy. endpose is Amy, Emily, Riley and Giselle.

The Next Day, Michelle makes an announcement. Michelle says “guys I have got some news and it is quite big. We are going to nationals.” Piper says “what?!” Michelle says “the judges thought my routine was up to a internationals standard. They announced that we won regionals even though it was just a qualifier.” Giselle says “so now that we are going to nationals I need to re-asign the group dances.” Emily says “we are keeping the Contemporary Dance. I will be adding Richelle to the dance so it can compete in the finals.” Piper says ”what that mean we will need new dances.” Riley says “it does because there is only 6 rounds at nationals. The first round is a trio, the second is a quinet, the third round is a solo, The 4th round is a Freestyle round, and semifinals is a ten person dance and the finals is a 8 Person routine.” Piper says “will me and William get a duet.” Riley says “don’t know.”

In Studio A, The 8 person dance is trying to add richelle into the routine. Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Arco Dancer) “this routine is harder than I thought this means I need to work on my contemporary moves and nothing is going to stop me.”


  • The Next Step has won regionals.
  • Richelle has joined the eight person dance.
  • Christopher Isn’t in this episode.
  • The next step is going to nationals.