Come on is the 7th episode of season 6. It was aired on the 19th January 2018


Lola’s sister arrives at the studio. Noah and Richelle Gets a great opportunity.


In Studio 1, Lola, Richelle and Noah are rehearsing the trio. Then Giselle enters and says “I am leaving so I need a new studio head. So I have chosen Richelle to the new studio head.” Richelle says (Talking Heads Caption says likey to be Studio Head) “I like the idea of me being the studio head and I will need a head choreographer.” Richelle says “yes I will take the job.” Then two new dancers enter. Giselle says “I have got two dancers to audition for the nationals team.” Lola says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “one of those dancers is my sister. She is going to make the nationals team.” Richelle says “Noah I would like you to Join me as head choreographer.” Noah says “yes I would like that.” Giselle says “me and Riley are leaving so you are now incharge.” Luke says (Talking Heads Caption says New A-Troupe Dancer) “I am looking forward to dancing at this studio.” Emma says (Talking Heads Caption says Lola‘s Sister) “I am looking forward to dancing with my sister again.”

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Davis and Luke, Elliot and Kingston, William and Jacquie, Ethan and Lily, Lola and Emma. End Pose is Lily, Emma, Elliot, Ethan, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Lola, Kingston, Luke, William and Davis. At the Top is says The Next Step and at the bottom says A-Troupe.

In Studio A, A-Troupe is warming up then Noah and Richelle enter with Luke and Emma. Richelle says “guys we have got a new team members Luke and Emma and I am the new studio head.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance captain) “I am happy for them but what’s going to happen with the eight person dance.”

Intro - Richelle, Noah and Cierra, Amy and Emily. End pose is Amy, Cierra, Richelle, Noah and Emily.

In Studio A, Lily is dancing a solo to Game Face. Lily says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “Dancing on the new A-Troupe is amazing and I heard there is a new competition I cannot wait to tell the team.” In Studio 1, Richelle Meets William, Davis, Michelle, Elliot, Jacquie And Ethan. richelle says “well as you know me and Noah are no longer part of A-Troupe we need a new routine.” Michelle says “what, no we have worked why too hard on this routine.” Then Lily enters and says “guys I have got some news.” Jacquie says “what!” Lily says “we are going to a new competition called World’s Dance Competition.” Michelle says “how.” Lily says “well I submitted a video of your routine and they want us there.”


  • Richelle and Noah are the new studio head and head choreographer
  • Luke and Emma replaced Noah and Richelle on A-Troupe.
  • The Opening Sequence 1 has removed Richelle and Noah and has added Emma and Luke.
  • The Opening Sequence 2 has removed Riley and Giselle and has added Richelle and Noah.