The Next Step is the 9th Episode of Season 6.


A-Troupe loses 5 key members. while some decided if they want to be on A-Troupe.


in Studio 1, A-Troupe is dancing to Mamma Mia. Lola says (Talking Heads Caption says Jazz Dancer) “thing s are changing at the studio and we need to work together if we stand a chance of winning Worlds.” Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance captain) “Stephanie will get us to the top but she is reauditioning the team. I don’t know who will make it.” Cut to Studio A, Skylar and the Former Geminis are dancing. Skylar says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Gemini dancer) “I Need this other wise my journey was for nothing.”

intro - Michelle and Piper, Kingston and Lola, William and Luke, Ethan and Lily, Elliot and Emma, Davis and Jacquie. Endpose: Davis, Luke, Ethan, Lola, Kingston, Piper, Michelle, Jacquie, Elliot, Lily, Emma and William. The title says The Next Step at the top and now at the bottom says created by Jordan Clark.

In The locker room, Lola is sat on the sofa thinking about the competition and how she feels about the studio then Jacquie sits with her. In shakes and ladders, 5 New Dancers enter. Summer says (Talking Heads Caption says New Dancer) “I am looking forward to dancing at this studio.” Charlie says (Talking Heads Caption says New Dancer) “I am new to the country and making A-Troupe will be a dream come true.” Finn says (Talking Heads Caption says New Dancer) “A-Troupe means everything and I need to make A-Troupe.” Daniela says (Talking Heads Caption says Former Next Step Dancer) “I have been to the studio before but I never made A-Troupe.” Skye says (Talking Heads Caption says New Dancer) “A-Troupe will mean the world to me but if don’t make it will be broken.”

In Studio A, Lilly, Ethan, Emma, Elliot and Jacquie do a final dance at the studio. Lilly says (Talking Heads Caption says New B-Troupe Dancer) “I am moving down to B-Troupe because i am finding A-Troupe to stress full.” Ethan, Emma and Jacquie leave. Lola enters and says “where’s Emma.” Lily says “she gone.”


In Studio 1’s Office, Stephanie is going through the data of the files then she sees an old A-Troupe photo. Stephanie says (Talking Heads Caption says Studio Owner) “I remember this A-Troupe and I need to make a team as good as this team. This team was amazing.”

In Studio 1, Stephanie sees the remaining A-Troupe members. She says ”can you get into the ten person dance pose so I can see who needs to stay and who needs to go.” Then Giselle enters and says “well, well. hi guys are you ready for what Stephanie has planned.”


  • A-Troupe is Changing and by the end of the day there are only 7 dancers left on A-Troupe.
  • A-Troupe contains Michelle, Piper, William, Kingston, Luke, Lola and Davis.
  • B-Troupe contains Lily, Sarah, Ruth, Owen, Ozzy and Frazer.
  • Ethan, Jacquie and Emma have left the studio.
  • Elliot is unsure if he wants to be on A-Troupe