Try It Again is the fitrst episode of season 6!


With the two teams merging, Lola struggles to keep her friendship with Richelle, and the dancers begin to question their spots on A-Troupe.


All the dancers stood around wondering what was going on. All amused but also displeased with the choice. They had a battle, specifically to decide which of the two teams, TNS East or TNS West, would be attending 2017's Absolute Dance Regionals, and now it was a tie? Kate chose for the two to merge. A weird and confused look came upon all the dancers once they heard the news and they all said stuff like 'what?' as they had absolutely no clue on what was going to happen.

The dancers were left with the question of what was going to happen - Zara had ultamately chosen to be with the Mathletes, as it was apparent that La-Troy was not sure where he stood. Kate then asked for all who were unsure of their dancing at the studio to leave which then left them with Noah, Richelle, Jacquie, Henry, Heather, Elliot, Amy, Piper, Josh, Danielle, Tyler, Casey. Kate knew that there was a chance of this being their team however, there were some dancers she was just severely unsure of if they had a chance of making it.

Kate says that she loves this team however there is still a lot of room for improvement, she expresses that she needs to see some dancers to prove if they have what it takes. She says the following dancers are those she does not feel are comitted - Josh, Heather, Danielle and Tyler and each of them do solos. In the end  Danielle is the only one who made it.

Emily looks around confused. Because of the high stress, her and Michelle have not expressed their concerns over the two teams merging. Emily clearly has some struggles though. She then in the middle of Ms Kate saying that these dancers are the best then admits she does not know if Henry is a good enough dancer for her team. Michelle then sticks up for Henry - claiming that he is an amazing dancer. However, thus forward, Emily is still unconvinced.

Kate then calls a break and Michelle and Emily go over to Kate to express their concerns for the dancers and their hatred towards each other. Kate assures Emily and Michelle that this will be considered a learning experience for them as they have to learn to get along. Kate then thinks to herself about how unreasonable they are being and if they really cared for the team they would find a way to make ends meet. Surely there has to be some way.

In Neuteral Grounds everyone is hanging out and talking and Lola goes up to Richelle and tries to start a conversation, Richelle in turn ignores Lola and continues to order a cookie and talk to Noah. Lola then in her head begins to doubt herself and worries she did something wrong to offend Richelle, if so she never meant  to do so.

In the locker room, bored, Josh decides to go talk to Zara on skype. Zara and Josh began to date and Piper then walks into the Locker Room, albeit it, she has feelings for Josh too. she has not told Josh yet. Josh then talked to Zara about how the studio is. Zara then begins to talk about how she misses the studio, however she knows Emily would never allow her to come back - seeing as she was mad that Zara did something other then dance.

Michelle and Emily, then in studio One, begin to bicker back and fourth in front of Kate, secretly together trying to prove that the two can not get along. Kate then scoffs and says that the two are both being ridiculous and both need to man up and act like the responsible people they are. She then walks out of the room and then the two continue to bicker back and fourth about how Kate can make them be studio heads, not it is not going to work out. Emily then goes into her office, breaks her pen and goes into a fit of crying while Michelle rolls her eyes and walks out.

Lola then goes up to Richelle again, hoping this time for a better outcome, she taps on her best friends shoulder and Richelle lashes out saying that she needs to back off, giving her the nickname of 'B-Troupe' which is the troupe that she is in. Lola being appalled by her behaviour says that she thought Richelle was better than this and she expected to make friends, and if she is not going to make any friends she may as well not be there. She then grabs her pink bag and walks away, nearly in tears. The other people in the juice shop stare. Richelle scoffs, asking what they are looking at and then sits back down.

Michelle is now in studio A. Trying to tell herself everything is going to be ok. She then reassures herself that even if things are going to be bad. She knows she will have to try her best to make things work, she does admit things will be hard as she is not in the place she called home, and so she reprises her dance to "Home".

The episode then ends, showing a preview in small screen for the next episode, it seems like Richelle and Noah are bickering alone in studio A about Richelle's treatment to Lola, Piper is spying on something, and Michelle and Emily are yelling in front of everyone, as that plays, the credits is rolling.