This is the 3rd episode of Season 7


Stephanie rejoins A-Troupe.


A-Troupe is getting ready for Riley to come out and tell them who is part of A-Troupe. Riley says Michelle, Richelle, Noah, Hunter, Cierra, Kingston, Ozzy, Piper, Stephanie, Lola, Jacquie and Josh.

Opening sequence to Can't Stop the fire: Michelle and Riley then Cierra and Ozzy and Piper then Hunter and Stephanie then Kingston and Josh then Noah and Jacquie then Richelle and Lola. The end pose from left to right is Cierra, Hunter, Noah, Kingston, Jacquie, Richelle, Riley, Michelle, Lola, Josh, Ozzy, Piper and Stephanie.

Riley says to the a-troupers that Stephanie and hunter have been part of A-Troupe before. In Studio 1, Tiffany try's to forget about her audition and think about what this means for her and The Next Step Dance Academy. She phones miss Kate and asks her if she can start a new team called TNS Tiff. Miss Kate says that it is fine. Tiffany walks into Studio a and goes start up to Riley and says that she is going to have hard time since she is starting her troupe.

Michelle is dancing to home and she says that this going to end the The Next Step for sure. Then Stephanie walks in and says to Michelle "A-Troupe has changed a lot since I was here". Michelle asks Are you ok about what Tiffany has done to the studio. Stephanie says it will be fine. Meanwhile, Tiffany is talking to B-Troupe and says that they are now part of TNS Tiff. Tyler says he doesn't want to be part of TNS Tiff.

Riley is in Studio A trying to figure out what she does next since Tiffany has taken a major part of the studio. Then James enters and says that it be fine just keep your friends close and don't let them get to you

The team claps excitedly and Stephanie nods. Stephanie is feeling excited. Michelle, Richelle, Noah, Hunter, Cierra, Kingston, Ozzy, Piper, Stephanie, Lola, Jacquie and Josh are all told they'll be holding auditions for who can be in which dance, Michelle begins, after that Noah, Cierra, Stephanie, Lola, Josh. Hunter, Richelle, Piper, Kingston, Jacquie and Ozzy go in that order. Riley compliments them saying that they are a great team of dancers, and hope that this year things will work out well for them. Riley states that they need to prepare. She says that Richelle and Michelle have a duet together for Regionals.

Stephanie states in talking heads that she feels a little left out. She doesn't know where to turn because A-Troupe has changed exponentially and she hasn't been a part of it. Richelle sighs and in talking heads admits she doesn't know if being in a duet with Michelle will be too well for her. She doesn't know if Michelle can keep up with her amazing skill.

Richelle and Michelle are practicing in studio A and Michelle is doing actually better then Richelle and Richelle states in talking heads that she is intimidated, which is hard to do. Then Richelle changes the choreography of their duet and does a lot of acro and tumbling. Michelle looks on to Richelle's dancing and is confused. Richelle poses on the splits and Michelle gives a confused look and says it isn't a part of their choreography and does a double attitude turn and hits the ground after and does a log roll. Richelle says she is lying and she can get Riley to replace Michelle if they don't. Michelle says nie try Richelle and if she doesn't wanna do the choreography they did, then she can go. Richelle says I'm talking heads she won't go, Richelle scoffs and goes into Riley's office. Michelle just sighs and looks down. After a few moments Richelle walks off and says she is being replaced by Lola and Richelle will have a duet with Stephanie.

After that, Riley is teaching A-Troupe a dance to A-Side and everyone is getting it except Hunter and Stephanie. The two don't know what to do as they haven't been on A-Troupe is a while. Stephanie goes over to Michelle and asks for help. Michelle agrees. Michelle helps Stephanie.

After that, everyone leaves but Stephanie leaves the studio and Stephanie dances to Home. But no one comes and she ends with Sloane's solo piece ending from regionals. She cries in talking heads about how she doesn't know where she fits. But she wants to stay on A-Troupe so she is gonna make the most of it she is going to make an effort to understand A-Troupe now.


  • Tiffany has started a new troupe called TNS Tiff
  • members of TNS Tiff are: Amy, Sloane, Kayla, Zara, Skylar, Tyler, Jordan, Henry, LaTroy, Becca, Gabi and Danielle
  • New members of A-Troupe is Stephanie and Hunter.
  • A-troupes regionals duet is Michelle and Lola
  • This is the first appearance of Tiffany and Stephanie since Stir It Up and Heads Will Roll

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