This is the 4th episode of Season 7


Piper makes a mistake with arguing


Stephanie is dancing with her team and is doing amazing. She states in talking heads that she's doing well. Riley is complimenting Stephanie on her efforts, after that they all gather in a circle. Riley states she's registered them for regionals and then Tiffany comes in and says she has done the same, Richelle scowls for Tiffany to go. Tiffany goes to her team and says they are registered for Regionals. She says Zara and Amy are their duet and they'll be going to a duet competition and that Sloane and Skylar will be dancing at that competition.

Opening sequence to Can't Stop the fire: Michelle and Riley then Cierra and Ozzy and Piper then Hunter and Stephanie then Kingston and Josh then Noah and Jacquie then Richelle and Lola. The end pose from left to right is Cierra, Hunter, Noah, Kingston, Jacquie, Richelle, Riley, Michelle, Lola, Josh, Ozzy, Piper and Stephanie. 

Josh and Piper are doing tricks in the main studio and Zara walks in. Piper rolls her eyes in disgust and asks why she's here. Zara says she forgot something and grabs her water bottle. Josh tells the two to stop arguing but Piper says that Zara is on a rival team and shoves josh and goes off. Josh says in talking heads that it was weird. Josh apologizes for Piper's actions and Zara says it is fine and that she has too go to rehearsal. But Josh stops her and Zara turns on World Famous and begins to dance her heart out. She wants to bring her A-Game. 

After, Josh goes up and dances. Josh compliments Zara on her dancing. Zara says she thinks she's the weakest dancer on her team and Josh says if she is the weakest dancer then his team better bring their best in talking heads.

Josh walks off and goes to talk to Piper and Piper replies with what isn't wrong and begins to rant about the two teams.Josh ensures everything will be ok. Piper says if Josh keeps talking to Zara nothing will be ok and she walks off. Piper states in talking heads that she doesn't want to not have to be around josh, and that she might be overreacting. She then runs and says sorry but it is too late. Josh isn't there. Piper begins to cry and in talking heads says that she has never been this upset in her life because josh is no where too be find, however. He only just left the building. He isn't actually gone. Piper is just lazy. Then Elliot enters the studio 1. Tiffany says are you new. Elliot says yes I am why. Tiffany says because I am looking for a strong member on my team. Then Zara enters and tiffany says that you no longer on the team.

In neutral Grounds, Piper is crying. Then Michelle and Stephanie asks her what is the matter. She doesn't answer and leaves. Then Amy enters and tells Michelle that she is Dance captain and is ready to take them on. In studio a Piper starts dancing to home. In talking heads she says this was my home and a-troupe was my family but I don't think it is anymore either I leave or Zara leaves.


  • Elliot is member of TNS Tiff.
  • Amy is Dance Captain of TNS Tiff.
  • Michelle is Dance Captain of A-Troupe.
  • Zara is no longer a member of TNS Tiff.
  • Amy has no longer got a duet partner

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