This is the 22nd episode of Season 7


Miss Kate returns with a pop star.


In Studio 1, Michelle is dancing to Home then Miss Kate enters the studio with a pop star. Miss Kate says to Michelle "this is Miss Kylie Minogue." Michelle says "Hi I am Dance captain of TNS East."

opening Sequence to Do what I want. Michelle and Riley then Jacquie, Noah and Skylar then Kingston and Piper then Ozzy and Lola then Zara and Josh then Elliot and Richelle then Sloane and Amy. End Pose is Sloane, Amy, Riley, Jacquie, Noah, Ozzy, Piper, Josh, Zara, Michelle, Skylar, Lola, Kingston, Elliot and Richelle.

In Studio A, Amy says to TNS West we need to beat TNS East. In studio 1, TNS East is getting a private session from Kylie. Kylie tells the dancers that it is a hard business to get into. Michelle says "what are you doing in Toronto." Kylie says well I am making a music video for a new song.In Studio b, B-troupe is dancing then Amy Enters and says we need three dancers. Camille says I need to be part of this team. In studio 1, Noah and Kingston are rehearsing then TNS East enters. Then Cierra enters and says "You needs to be the best you can be.

In Studio A, TNS West is rehearsing their finals routine