This is the 30th episode and final episode of Season 7


A-Troupe competes against TNS West in the finals


At a arena in Toronto, A-Troupe is getting ready to go on and compete in the finals at regionals.

opening Sequence: Michelle and Riley then Noah, Jacquie and Skylar then Elliot and Kingston then Ozzy and Lola then Piper and Josh then Richelle and Lola then Amy and Becca. End pose is Becca, Amy, Riley, Noah, Jacquie, Zara, Piper, Ozzy, Josh, Kingston, Michelle, Elliot, Richelle and Lola.

Then the regionals logo appears on the screen. Chuck Anderson says it is TNS East vs TNS West. Chloe says this is really weird two troupes going up against each other. The announcement says can TNS West enter the stage. Amy says "this is what we have been working up to." Becca says "we only have nie dancers but we need to our best," they finish. Then the announcement says "can A-Troupe please enter the stage, Michelle says "this is it we are not going to lose." Then they finish. The announcement says can both teams please enter the stage. The announcement says TNS East the winner and will be moving on to nationals.

In studio 1, TNS East is happy to be the best team in the region and we need start work on nationals. Amy feels so disheartened that her troupe didn't win regionals. She tells TNS West that it is coming to end. In Neutral Grounds, Michelle says to Cierra that the studio has changed so much since the beginning. Then Emily enters and says she is so happy to be the head choreographer of the studio. Cierra saus that she is leaving. Amy says "I still can't believe that they lost."

In Neutral Grounds Michelle speaks to Heather and says "I can't beliege that TNS East won regionals and will be going to nationals against Life of Dance. Heather says to Michelle that Cierra has left the studio to make her own studio


  • TNS East won regionals
  • Cierra is no longer Studio Head.
  • This is the last episode of Season 7

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