This is the first episode of Season 7


A-Troupe is put to the test when a old friend returns to the studio.


A-Troupe is dancing to 'Right Here Right Now'. Lola says this is the best team in the world. Michelle says that they need to win Regionals or they are out. Noah says that he is looking forward to dancing at Regionals with Jacquie. End Pose is Richelle, Skylar, Ozzy, Danielle, Cierra, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Piper, Kingston, Lola and Josh.

Opening sequence: Michelle, Skylar, Cierra, Ozzy, Piper, Emily, Kingston, Danielle, Josh, Noah, Jacquie, Richelle and Lola.

Emily says that she is not opening The Next Step up for an open house. Michelle asks what they are going to do today. Emily says start working on the routines for regionals. Emily asks Michelle and Lola to enter the office. Emily says to them if either wants to dance captain still. Lola says no. Michelle says why. Lola says because she wants to focus more on my training to be a professional dancer.

In the rehearsal room, B-Troupe are dancing then Richelle and Danielle enter with J-Troupe. Richelle say that J-Troupe and B-Troupe are joining together for Now. In Neutral Grounds, Noah and Jacquie are on a date then Henry enters and sees them two together and he makes a exit. Emily sends a Text out all A-Troupers to go to Studio A. Everyone enters the studio. Kingston and Josh ask what is the matter. Emily says that Daniel is taking over the Absolute Dance Regionals, Richelle says what does mean. Emily says that we need to figure a way to get to regionals. Heather and Zara leave studio A. Daniel isn't doing any good for TNS.


  • The opening Sequence has removed Zara And Heather and add Skylar and Danielle
  • lola is no longer Dance Captain
  • Michelle is dance captain on her own
  • Daniel is the leader of Absolute Dance competition
  • 1st Episode of Season 7

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