This is the 8th season of the next step


Season 8.0

Season 8 welcomes in new dancers and each dancer fighting for a spot on the Nationals team.

season 8.5

A-Troupe heads to Internationals. But gets cancelled and gets moved to next year.

The Next Season

Fanfiction:The off season





  • Abbey Nolet as Abbey
  • Kamila Ching as Kamila
  • Sarah Vance as Sarah
  • Ethan White as Ethan
  • Megan Maze as Victoria
  • Zac Light as Zac
  • Skye Knight as Skye
  • William Hurst as William
  • Daniel Swasby as Jack


season 8.0

Number Name
1 Coming Home?
2 Flesh Start
3 World Tour
4 Just Be Yourself
5 Two Hearts
6 Top Five
7 I Love You
8 Call Me Home
9 Chase
10 First to the Top
11 Sisters Forever
12 Hero
13 Flying

season 8.5

Number Name
1 Dance is My Life
2 Be Free Tonight
3 Call me maybe
4 One Last Dance
5 Coming Back
6 Years And Years
7 Celebration

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