"Be Free Tonight" is the 15th Episode Of Season 8.


Riley returns to the studio. Emily makes a new dance for A-Troupe.


In Neutral Grounds, Riley enters and texts Michelle to meet her in Neutral grounds. Michelle says "Glad to have you back, Things have changed." Riley says "i hear that Alfie is back."

Opening sequence is Michelle and Gabi then Jacquie, Noah and Emily then Kingston and Piper then Lola and Ozzy then Josh and Alfie then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Josh,Gabi, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Emily, Michelle, Richelle, Ozzy, Zara, Kingston and Alfie.

In Studio 1, Alfie is dancing to be free tonight. Then A-Troupe start arriving. Riley enters and says "I am back and I am the new studio Owner." Emily says "what are you doing here?" Riley says "I finished the tour of the world and me and James have spit up." Michelle says "where is he now?" Riley says "He is in england and starting a judging competition."

In Studio A, B-Troupe is waiting for Daniel to arrive. Amy says that she is leaving the next step for good. Daniel says to Amy good luck and see you soon. In studio 1, Piper gets a text from Amy saying that she is leaving. Piper says (in Talking heads) "looks like I am the only one left at the studio that is on A-Troupe, Looks like i may have to start a group with the new people in A-Troupe." Michelle enters and says "I am starting a new group called TNS Girls." Piper says "I would like to join your group. can i choose dancers to join?" Michelle says yes that is fine.

In Studio 1, Richelle, Gabi, Lola, Zara and Jacquie are talking then Piper enters. Piper says "Me and Michelle are starting a club that helps us with choreography." They say that they are part of the club. Richelle is rehearsing a solo then she falls over and injures her leg. Then Noah tells her to go see a doctor. Richelle says "I need to go to Internationals." Richelle heads to the office and tells Emily "I am not able to go to Internationals since I have injured my leg." Emily says in talking heads "I am going to miss Richelle but her health comes first."

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily then she enters and says "Richelle is not going to Internationals. She is taking a break and will be back next year." Zara says (in talking heads) "I hope Richelle gets better but now we are done 1 Dancer if we loss 2 more dancers we can't go to Internationals." Emily asks A-Trouoe would you like to hold auditions for A-Troupe. Michelle says "Yes, even though Richelle is no longer a member of A-Troupe we need 12 dancers." Richelle is in neutral grounds trying to figure out what she does next. Then Amy enters and says "what happened to your knee." Richelle says nothing but then says "There is a spot on the Internationals team, they will be holding auditions for A-Troupe." Richelle says "it is sad leaving the studio but I will be back."


  • Riley is Studio Owner
  • TNS Girls is a elite group of dancers in A-Troupe.
  • Richelle is no longer a member of A-Troupe.
  • A-Troupe only has 11 dancers.
  • Amy is auditioning for the internationals team.