"Call Me Home" is the 8th episode of Season 8


A-Troupe arrives at Nationals. Zara is put to the test when she sees her old team CDC.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is getting ready to leave for nationals. Then Gale and TNS West wish them good luck at the competition.

Opening Sequence: Michelle and Camille then Skylar, Noah and Jacquie then Ozzy and Lola then Kingston and Piper then Richelle, Zara then Josh and Alfie Then Amy and Cassie. The end pose is Richelle, Lola, Camille, Kingston, Alfie, Ozzy, Piper, Emily, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Josh and Zara.

A-Troupe arrive at Nationals. Zara says this isn't the first time of going to nationals. Michelle sees Life Of Dance. Michelle says to A-Troupe they are the competition to beat this year. Emily says the Male solo is first and I have chosen Noah do it. Then it is the small group. Then it is the trio. Then The ten person dance then the female solo.

A-Troupe enter the arena. Kingston says "wow it is better then I imagined." Then they see Rocco from Life Of Dance dancing to Look alive. Piper says "he is amazing and he will be Competition." Michelle says "he is amazing but I think Noah can beat him." Rocco was against Superstar Dance Academy. Noah heads to the stage ready to compete against Amazing Dance Inc. Noah enters the stage and he says "this is my first ever solo with the next step." The nationals broad gives Noah 94 points. Noah moves onto the small group round.

In the wings the small group is waiting for Noah. Michelle heads to list of teams and see that they are competing against Cierra's Dance Studio. She runs back to tell them that they are against one old member of the team, they head on stage and they score 88 points. Then Cierra's Group goes on and scores 83 points knocking them out of Nationals. Emily tells A-Troupe that they need to beat CDC in the next round.


  • A-Troupe is competing in the trio round.
  • Cierra's Dance Studio is out.