This the 17th episode of Seasson 8


Amy auditions for the last spot on A-Troupe. A new dancer arrives at the studio.


In Studio 1, Michelle is rehearsing a solo for internationals but then Amy enters and says she is auditioning for A-Troupe. Michelle wishes her good luck. Then Skye enters and says she will be auditioning for A-Troupe.

Opening sequence is Michelle and Skye then Jacquie, Noah and Emily then Kingston and Piper then Lola and Ozzy then Josh and Alfie then Gabi and Zara. The end pose is Josh, Gabi, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Emily, Michelle, Skye, Ozzy, Zara, Kingston and Alfie.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for the auditionee's. The people auditioning for the last spot are Amy, Skye, Tyler, Jake and Shannon. Emily says to Shannon you can go first. Shannon says "I really wanted this since I have never been on A-Troupe before and I haven't been internationals." Amy says "there is going to be a big competition." Amy starts dancing. Amy says "I really want to a place that I want to dance at, B-Troupe isn't where I belong." Then Emily asks Tyler to dance. Then Emily asks Skye to start dancing. Skye starts dancing, and says "I am looking for a new place to dance I think this might be that place." Emily says to A-Troupe to vote.

In Studio A, Amy, Jake, Skye and shannon are waiting for the text from Emily. Meanwhile, In Studio 1, Emily says "who do you want part of A-Troupe." A-Troupe says Skye. Then Emily says in talking heads "Skye is amazing dancer and will be the best fit for A-Troupe. In Neutral Grounds, Michelle and Jacquie are talking about the last spot on A-Troupe and how Skye is the best fit for A-Troupe. Then Heather says "so there is a spot on A-Troupe." Jacquie says "sadly, No The spot has been filled."

In the music room, Zara is dancing to Inside out then Josh enters and says "are you ok with the decision the troupe has made." Zara says (in talking heads)" I am happy with the new dancer but this does mean that A-Troupe could change again." Zara says yes.

In studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for Skye to arrive. Skye arrives. Michelle says "hi, I am Michelle, I am Dance captain of A-Troupe." Then Emily says "I have chosen the alternates and they are Zara and Gabi." Gabi says "this is the worst thing that has happened to me."


  • Skye is a new member of A-Troupe.
  • The alternates are Gabi and Zara.