Celebration is the Last episode of Season 8


A-Troupe has A party. Victoria welcomes a new member of the studio.


In Studio A, Emily and Giselle are watching A-Troupe rehearse their finals rountine. Michelle says "this is a new beginning and it is going to get harder."

Old Opening sequence: Michelle and Skye then Piper, Ethan and Zac then Kingston and Emily then Jake and Sarah then Jacquie and Noah then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Zara, Ethan, Richelle, Sarah, Jacquie and Noah, Emily, Michelle, Kingston, Skye, Zac, Piper and Jake.

In Neutral Grounds, Riley is planning a new studio space. Then Michelle enters and says "what are you doing?" Riley says "I am creating a new space in studio a, it will be done up to look like studio 1." Michelle says "what happens to Studio 1?" Riley says "that will be Studio a. (Talking heads) This are just some of the changes happening to the studio."

In Studio A, Emily tells the dancers to head to the music room since studio a is getting done up. In the music room, Piper is rehearsing a solo. Piper says "so much has changed and this just one of the big changes." Then A-troupe start arriving. Zac says "I am new and this feels really different then Studio 1, but it feels like it." Jacquie says "this is the new beginning and there are going to be so many changes."

In Neutral Grounds, Victoria is waiting for her sister Molly. Then Molly enters and says "I hear you have moved Studio." Victoria says "I had too, I wasn't staying at Life of Dance. It became way too hard." Then Michelle says to Victoria that they need to be rehearsing for the auditions for internationals.


  • Victoria has a sister Molly
  • Victoria is a former member of life of Dance.
  • This is the last episode of Season 8.