"Chase" is the 9th episode of Season 8


the trio go up against Life of dance. Then the duet has to compete.


The trio enters the stage and Jacquie says that she loves performing on stage since people get to see what the person is like.

Opening Sequence: Michelle and Camille then Emily, Noah and Jacquie then Ozzy and Lola then Kingston and Piper then Richelle, Zara then Josh and Alfie Then Amy and Cassie. The end pose is Richelle, Lola, Camille, Kingston, Alfie, Ozzy, Emily , Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Piper, Josh and Zara.

in Studio a, TNS West is following the competition and they say that they are at the top. A-Troupe wins the trio round. Then the nationals broad say that they need a new duet. They go on stage, Noah says this isn't rehearsed as well as I would like it. Michelle says "they need to win if we want to perform in the Ten person dance. They go on stage and they score 98 point making them the best duet in the competition.

In a dressing room, Michelle and the rest of A-Troupe is rehearsing the semifinals routine and then Emily says that they need go on stage.then ten person dance goes on stage to perform. They perform and they score 99 points and they win this round but then they find out that two dancers from the next Step has to compete in the first against each other. So emily phones Gale to send Amy to go against Michelle. Michelle says this isn't good.

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