"Coming Back" is the 18th episode of Season 8.


Giselle returns to the studio. Michelle makes a hard decision


In Neutral Grounds, Michelle is getting a juice. Then Giselle enters. Michelle asks her how she is. Giselle says "I am a guest choreographer." Michelle says "A-Troupe has changed a lot since she was here."

Opening sequence: Michelle and Skye then Piper, Ethan and Zac then Kingston and Emily then Jake and Sarah then Jacquie and Noah then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Zara, Ethan, Richelle, Sarah, Jacquie and Noah, Emily, Michelle, Kingston, Skye, Zac, Piper and Jake.

In Studio 1, Skye, Ethan, Jake and Sarah are talking then A-Troupe enter. Emily says "I have hired a guest choreographer, Giselle to help us get back on track." Giselle says to A-Troupe "I am former Dance captain and former member of A-Troupe." Emily says "we will be holding auditions for a duet, a new trio and a small group."

In Studio a, Richelle, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle and Kingston are working on a Five person dance ready for internationals. In the music room, Skye, Zara, Ethan, Jake and Piper are working on the small group. Then emily texts them says "meet in studio 1 in 10 minutes." Michelle says to her group lets go.

White walls of Emily and Giselle dancing together

In Studio 1, Michelle is teaching A-Troupe choreography for Internationals. Zac says "this choreo is harder than I thought." Sarah says "Michelle must have been on A-Troupe a long time since she went to Internationals 6 years ago." Ethan says "Being on A-Troupe is going be a lot harder than I thought. It is going to take a lot to get to Internationals." Skye says "Making new friends has helped a lot." Piper says "A-Troupe has changed and I think Michelle understands what I am going though. Amy is trying to get me to quit A-Troupe so she can get my spot on the internationals team. But it is not going to work since I have asked Sloane to speak to her."

In Studio A, Ozzy is dancing and then Danielle enters and says "Are You okay ?" Ozzy says (In Talking heads) "I going to try and make it back onto A-Troupe after they have been to Internationals." In Neutral Grounds, Heather is trying to think of what to do about auditioning for a new studio or B-Troupe.  Then Skylar enters and says "How are you?, are you auditioning for B-Troupe." Heather says "I am not audition for B-Troupe since my parents said if I want to dance I have to pay for it." Meanwhile, A-Troupe is dancing, then Emily says that the group auditions have been moved to next week and this gives the dancers more time to rehearse.

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is dancing then Heather enters and asks Zara " Where's Emily?" Zara says "she is in her office. Heather enter Emily's office. Emily says "what are you doing here?" Heather says "I am auditioning for B-Troupe." Emily says "If you are think of auditioning for B-Troupe speak to Daniel since he is doing the auditions." Michelle heads to Neutrals Grounds. Then she bumps into Riley and Riley says "How is A-Troupe?" Michelle says "It is ok, Richelle is back on the team." Riley says "I thought she was injured." Michelle says "She was and she is ready for Internationals."  Michelle says (Talking heads) "I understand why Riley is asking so many question but she doesn't need to ask as many questions. I am glad she is still around."  


  • Giselle is a Guest Choreographer
  • Sloane, LaTroy and Cassie are no longer part of TNS