This the 1st episode of Season 8


A-Troupe returns to the studio.


In Studio A, TNS West and TNS East and other dancers are arriving. Them Amy enters and says "this is a new season and a new year". Michelle says "This was the Home of A-Troupe but this doesn't feel like it is home any more." Then Alfie enters and says "I am back and I need to make it on to A-Troupe." Lola says "last year was definitely the best thing in the world and now we are heading to Nationals". Jacquie says "this is currently different. But if I want to go to nationals I need try my best."

Amy says to Michelle "are you ready for this year." Michelle says "yes I am but it differently feels different." Then later on Piper enters and says to Michelle "who is the new Head." Michelle says "a lot has happened since Cierra left the studio and we don't know who is the new studio head is." Then Zara and Josh enter. Zara says "The studio is changing a lot". Josh says "yes it is." Amy then tells the dancers that she is the new studio head of The Next Step. Then she tells Michelle, Richelle, Zara and Josh to step forward. Michelle says "What i'm I in the first group." Amy says " You will not be auditioning for A-Troupe." Piper says "the auditions haven't even started, Amy has already cut dancers." Then Amy says the first group is Becca, Gabi, Cassie, Sloane, Noah, Jacquie and Heather. Then Noah starts dancing then is followed by Becca, Gabi, Cassie and Sloane.

In the locker room, Michelle says "I can't believe it she cut the dance captain and before the auditions." Richelle says "what can we do". Zara says I don't know. Then Riley walks in and asks them why are they in the locker room. Michelle says because we made A-Troupe. Richelle says why did you say that. Zara says "why don't we go back to studio 1.

In Studio A, A-Troupe auditions carrying on. Amy says that she has a hard chose to make. Lola says to Noah what happened to " every one is welcome to audition for A-Troupe." Then Amy says The A-Troupe is Becca, Gabi, Tyler, Danielle, Henry, Cassie, Hunter, Heather, Jordan, Camille, Sloane and Piper. Then everyone leaves. Michelle sees Noah, Jacquie, Alife, Kayla, Lola, Ozzy and Kingston leaving studio a. Zara asks "what happened." Noah says "I don't know." Michelle says "now we are all B-Troupers." B-Troupe heads to the locker room to put their stuff since they are no longer part of A-Troupe. Lola says "I can't belive that she cut the Regionals team." Michelle says "I was Dance captain not anymore"

In Stuido 1 Amy says let's get to work. Piper says "I can't believe it that Amy has cut all of the old A-Troupers apart from me." Becca says to Piper "this is A-Troupe." Piper says I am going to get a drink see you in bit. Then she everyone sat in the locker room looking all sad. Piper says "I need to something about this." She heads to studio A. And enters the office. Piper says " i have over heard everyone. They are not happy. You cut some of the best dancers." Amy says no the best dancers are on my troupe. Piper says "I need to do something about this."

Piper heads to studio 1. Piper says "there are so many things that have happened in this studio space. I need to do something about B-Troupe."


  • No Opening sequence
  • A-Troupe is Becca, Gabi, Heather, Cassie, Sloane, Hunter, Camille, Jordan, Piper, Danielle, Henry and Tyler
  • Amy is Studio head.
  • A-Troupe is now a troupe.

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