"Dance is My Life" is the 14th Episode of Season 8


Piper tries to work with Emily. Michelle shows A-Troupe how it is done.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is dancing to Top of the world . Michelle in talkings heads says "We won Nationals and now we are going to Internationals." Gabi says "A-Troupe is the best thing that i have done." Piper says "it is amazing to be part of the team that won nationals." Richelle says "I am looking forward to going to Internationals about from I kissed Noah." Jacquie says " it is amazing to be part of A-Troupe." Emily says "A-Troupe is different since it is mine." Ozzy says "I get to work with Gabi and Kingston in a trio." Kingston says "I am looking forward to going to Internationals." Noah says "I may of kissed Richelle." Zara says "I need to tell someone about the kiss otherwise it is going to kill me." End pose Richelle, Jacquie, Noah, Kingston, Piper, Josh, Michelle, Gabi, Ozzy, Zara, Ozzy and Lola.

Opening sequence is Michelle and Gabi then Jacquie, Noah and Emily then Kingston and Piper then Lola and Ozzy then Josh and Alfie then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Josh,Gabi, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Emily, Michelle, Richelle, Ozzy, Zara, Kingston and Alfie.

In Studio A, Richelle leaves and Zara confronts Noah about the kiss. Zara says "what do you think you are doing kissing Richelle when you are dating Jacquie." Noah says "this is not good that Zara knows about the kiss. This is going to effect the studio and the team."

Michelle talking heads only you

Michelle says she is looking forward to dancing with Ozzy and Kingston

In Studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily since they need to know what the dances are going to be. Emily comes out and says "We need a trio. and I have chosen Michelle, Ozzy and Kingston." Gabi says (in Talking heads) "I was part of that Trio but now I am no longer part of the trio." Michelle says "I am looking forward to dancing with Ozzy and Kingston." Emily says to Ozzy "I have chosen you to be the male soloist." Ozzy says "What, I am the soloist for Internationals." Emily says to Ozzy that he isn't being be part of the trio anymore

In the Music room, Michelle and Kingston and coming up with choreography for the trio then Gabi enters and says that she is part of the trio. Kingston says that they should have a prince and a princess and that gabi will be the fairy godmother. In studio A, Ozzy is dancing to his solo to Right here right now, He says "I cannot believe that I am the male soloist." Then B-Troupe enters and Amy says "What are you doing here?" Ozzy says that he is the male soloists for Internationals.


  • The Internationals Trio is Michelle, Gabi and Kingston.
  • The male solo is Ozzy.