This is the 2nd episode of Season 8.


Piper isn't happy that some old A-Troupe members got cut. Amy trys to apologise to Piper.


In Studio 1, Piper starts dancing to Mountains and she says "Things are changing and I no longer want to be part of A-Troupe since most of the amazing dancers were cut from the troupe." Then Amy enters and says "what are you doing in here?" Piper says "I am starting my own Troupe TNS East." Amy says who are your members. Piper says Michelle, Noah, Richelle, Zara, Alfie, Josh, Ozzy, Kingston, Lola, Jacquie And Skylar. Piper says "things are going to change."

Opening Sequence : Michelle and Camille then Skylar, Noah and Jacquie then Ozzy and Lola then Kingston and Piper then Richelle, Zara then Josh and Alfie Then Amy and Cassie. The end pose is Richelle, Lola, Camille, Kingston, Alfie, Ozzy, Piper, Amy, Cassie, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Skylar, Josh and Zara.

In Studio 1, B-Troupe is waiting for Piper. Piper says that she will be starting TNS East and you will get a chance to compete at Nationals. Michelle says "Ok I am in." Then the rest of B-Troupe joins. Meanwhile in Studio A, TNS West is rehearsing then Camille tells Amy they she is quitting the troupe and will not be returning to that team. In Neutral Grounds, Piper is wondering who she is going to add to A-Troupe. Then Camille enters and ask Piper if she could join the team. Piper says yes. Amy meets Heather in neutral grounds Amy says that Heather is Dance captain of TNS West.

In Studio A, Amy welcomes Alex to A-Troupe. Meanwhile in Studio 1, Piper says "we need to start reheasing for nationals and we need a dance captain. I have chosen Michelle to be Dance Captain of TNS East." Michelle says "I am now Dance captain of TNS East and we need to work together to make it to nationals." Piper says "we need a Duet, I have chosen Jacquie and Noah." In Studio A, Amy tells the dancers that they are going to nationals and we need a duet. I have chosen Tyler and Heather to dance it.

Back in studio 1, Piper says "we need to work on a finals routine." Michelle says "in the first row I have myself, Alfie and Noah. In the second row we have Richelle, Jacquie, Josh, Ozzy. And in the last row I have Skylar, Kingston, Lola." Piper says "Zara and Camille your are the alternates but you will going into a routine." Skylar says "I am not happy being the back but it is better than being an alternate." In studio A, Alex says to Hunter that he has a crush on Lola. Heather says "do not talk about TNS East". Then two dancers enter the studio Joan and chad. Amy ask them if they want to join TNS West. They both says yes. Amy says the Alternates are Gabi and Cassie. In Neutral Grounds, Piper is figuring out who is the duet. Then Amy says "I am so sorry for what I did." Piper says in talking heads "I need to get my team to nationals."


  • TNS East is Michelle, Richelle, Zara, Kingston, Camille, Alfie, Noah, Richelle, Jacquie, Lola, Josh and Skylar.
  • TNS West is Heather, Becca, Cassie, Sloane, Jordan, Tyler, Alex, Gabi, Hunter, Henry, Chad and Joan.
  • Piper is Studio head of TNS East
  • Amy is Studio head of TNS West
  • Heather is Dance captain of TNS West.
  • Michelle is Dance captain of TNS East
  • Zara and Camille are alternates.
  • Cassie and Gabi are alternates.

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