Flying is the last episode of Season 8.0 but 13th episode of Season 8


Emily and Daniel chose a dance captain. Zara finds the new A-Troupe hard.


In Emily's office, Emily is doing some work for the studio then Daniel enters and say that Internationals are held in london england. He also says that they need a dance captain. Emily says I know who should be dance captain.

Opening sequence is Michelle and Gabi then Jacquie, Noah and Emily then Kingston and Piper then Lola and Ozzy then Josh and Alfie then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Josh,Gabi, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Emily, Michelle, Richelle, Ozzy, Zara, Kingston and Alfie.

In studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily and Daniel to tell them who is doing what at Internationals. Then they enter. Emily says "internationals is held in London, England." Daniel says "we have chosen a dance captain." Richelle says "who". Emily says "Michelle". Michelle says "I am the new dance captain of A-Troupe." Emily says "so lets get to work." Noah says to Jacquie "are you looking forward to going to Internationals?" Jacquie says "yes." Lola ask Noah "shouldn't we be celebrating Michelle as Dance captain. Noah says "No (in Talking Head) She has been dance captain before and she doesn't need us messing around with it." Lola says "i am going to ask her to get a juice with me." Piper is speaking to Josh then Zara comes in and says to Josh "would you like to do a duet with me ready for Internationals." Josh (Talking heads) says "that is really nice of zara but me and Piper have already got a duet and since we are dating." Zara says "ok." Ozzy, Kingston and Gabi are talking. Then Kingston suggest "why don't we come up with a trio for Internationals." Gabi says "yes meet me in the rehearsal room in five minutes."

In The rehearsal room, Gabi is waiting for Kingston and Ozzy to arrive. Then they both Arrive. Gabi says (in Talking heads) " I am looking forward to working with Ozzy and Kingston since they are the best dancers in A-Troupe." Ozzy says (In talking heads) "this routine needs to be good otherwise Emily can make another Trio." They all start dancing to Elevator, Kingston says " this routine is really good but we need to show to Michelle since she is the dance captain and she can gives some ideas." Michelle enters the rehearsal room, Michelle says "I really want to know is what are kingston, Gabi and Ozzy are doing choreographing a trio." Kingston says "can you watch our trio." Michelle agrees to watch the trio, she says "it is very good but it needs a storyline." Gabi says "like cinderella." Michelle says "yes."

In the Music room, Richelle is rehearsing a solo. Then Zara enters and says "would you like to do a duet with me." Richelle says "okay see you in studio A in a hour." Zara agrees. In studio 1, Piper, Josh and Alfie are working on a trio to go up against Gabi's Trio. Piper says to the boys "we need to work together to get this routine right." In Studio A, Noah sees Richelle and Richelle says would you like to do a duet with me. He Agrees and then they kiss. Just as that is happening Zara sees everything. Zara says "this is going to break Jacquie's Heart."


  • Michelle is the dance captain
  • Piper and Josh are dating
  • Noah Kisses Richelle
  • Zara sees everything
  • The Last episode of Season 8.0