"Hero" is the 12th episode of Season 8


A-Troupe is trying to figure out the chemistry since they have a new member. Becca is ready to dance at internationals


In studio 1, A-Troupe is showing Gabi a routine for internationals. Gabi says "it is going to be hard to keep up with theses dancers but I think I have got it." Zara says "I hope Gabi has got it since we don't slow down unless someone starts struggling with the choreography.

Opening sequence is Michelle and Gabi then Jacquie, Noah and Emily then Kingston and Piper then Lola and Ozzy then Josh and Alfie then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Josh,Gabi, Lola, Piper, Noah, Jacquie, Michelle, Richelle, Ozzy, Zara, Kingston and Alfie.

In Studio A, Daniel is doing a Ballet class for B-Troupe. Amy says "being part of B-Troupe is great and all but it needs a dance captain." Daniel says "well done Amy (in talking heads) Amy has improved a lot since I meet her. But she needs be part of B-Troupe." Becca says "i really wanted to be part of A-Troupe this year but looks like i will have to audition next year."

In studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing a routine for Internationals. Gabi says "it is really different being part of A-Troupe." Michelle says "we need a dance captain because we have always had one." Richelle says "i hope that i am the new dance captain of A-Troupe since i have never been dance captain before." Jacquie says "thing have changed since i auditioned for A-Troupe and now we are going to internationals." Zara says " me and Josh were part of the original b-troupe and now we are part of A-Troupe." Emily says "Me as the new studio head is going to get the studio back to being the Internationals champions."

In neutral grounds, Heather is wondering what she is do next since she is no longer part of TNS West and she tried to audition for B-Troupe but didn't make it. She says in talking heads "I am going to stop dancing and just work here in Neutral Grounds. In Studio 1, Michelle is rehearsing a solo ready for the female solo. Then Emily enters and says what are you up to. michelle says that she is thinking of auditioning for the female solo at internationals.


  • A-Troupe has no Dance Captain.
  • Daniel choregraphies b-troupes ballet sessions.
  • Heather is no longer a member of the next step dance academy.