"Sister forever" is the 11th Episode of Season 8


A-Troupe returns to the studio. Emily holds auditions for A-Troupe.


In Studio A, Becca and Gabi are rehearsing for the A-Troupe auditions. Then they start heading to studio 1. Then Richelle says to them that TNS East and TNS West will fight for a spot on the internationals team.

Opening Sequence: Michelle and Camille then Emily, Noah and Jacquie then Ozzy and Lola then Kingston and Piper then Richelle, Zara then Josh and Alfie. The end pose is Richelle, Lola, Camille, Kingston, Alfie, Ozzy, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Emily, Piper, Josh and Zara.

TNS East and West enter studio. Emily says that 12 dancers will go into a hat and the dancers will dance one on one and winner moves on to the international team. Emily says the first person is Becca. Then Becca picks Gabi. Gabi says this is not good only one of us is making it on to internationals. Becca goes first and she says "what am I going to do if I don't make the team." Gabi starts dancing she says this is killing me but this is the internationals team. Everybody points to Gabi. Gabi chooses Zara. Zara chooses Tyler. Zara wins. She picks Amy and Amy picks Piper. Amy performs and loses. Michelle goes up against Shannon and beats her.

The 4 A-Troupe Members head to studio A to start work on Some Internationals dances. Meanwhile in Studio 1, Noah pull out Sloane out of the hat. Noah wins. Noah also pulls out Cassie name. Cassie pulls Out Alfie name. Alfie wins. Jacquie pull outs Camille, Jacquie wins. Emily says "we will be taking a break for a little bit."

Back in Studio 1, Hunter name get pull out of the hat. He picks Kingston and Kingston wins. Kingston picks chad. Chad picks Lola. Lola wins. Lola picks Richelle and Richelle picks Danielle and Richelle wins. Richelle picks Ozzy. Ozzy picks Joan and Ozzy wins. Alex goes up against Josh and josh wins.

In Studio A, B-Troupe enter and Amy says "we are not going to Internationals."


  • A-Troupe is Piper, Gabi, Zara, Michelle, Noah, Alfie, Jacquie, Kingston, Lola, Richelle, Ozzy and Josh
  • B-Troupe is Amy, Becca, Sloane, Henry, Shannon, Danielle, Tyler, Alex, Joan and Chad.