"Top Five" is the 6th episode of Season 8


Emily chooses the top five dancers to compete in the small group.


In Studio 1, Emily is speaking to Skylar about her dance life and Nationals. Then Josh enters and says "can I audition for TNS East." Emily says "Okay but not yet." Josh says "Okay see you later."

Opening Sequence: Michelle and Camille then Skylar, Noah and Jacquie then Ozzy and Lola then Kingston and Piper then Richelle, Zara then Josh and Alfie Then Amy and Cassie. The end pose is Richelle, Lola, Camille, Kingston, Alfie, Ozzy, Piper, Amy, Cassie, Michelle, Noah, Jacquie, Skylar, Josh and Zara.

In Neutral Grounds, Michelle is getting a juice then Jacquie asks Michelle "Are you okay." Michelle says "yes why?" Jacquie says "just asking" then Emily enters and says "can you go to studio 1, I have some news" A-Troupe arrive at Studio 1. Piper asks Zara "I wonder what this is about." Then Emily enters and says "I have signed a head choreographer, Daniel. I will be holding auditions for the top five dancers to compete in the small group." Lola says "I need to make it onto that team."

In Studio A, Amy is Dancing and she says "TNS West is having a break but I am not since I need to work on everything." Then Sloane enters and says "what are you doing here." Amy says " I need to work on a solo for nationals."

Back in studio 1, Emily says to the dancers "you will vote for the top five dancers. And I will place them on the team." The auditions begin Michelle goes first then Piper, Noah, Zara, Richelle, Skylar, Jacquie, Alfie, Ozzy, Kingston and Camille. Emily says well done get voting. Skylar says " I am voting for Michelle, Noah, Alfie,Richelle and Zara." Emily says "the top five dancers First is Alfie, the second is Noah, the third is Skylar, the Fourth dancer is Richelle and the Last dancer is Michelle." Piper says I put my heart into that dance. Emily says I have chosen "Piper, Lola and Jacquie to do the Trio." Ozzy says "it is going to be hard to make it to be a featured dancer at nationals." Emily says to the trio can you go into the music room to start work on your trio. Alfie says "I am a featured dancer." Emily tells Ozzy, Kingston, Camille and Zara that they will have to fight for their spot to be a featured dancer.

In the Music room, Piper suggest a disney themed dance like Cinderella. Lola says yes I will be cinderella. And you two will be the evil step-sisters. Jacquie says ok. In Studio 1, the top five dancers are rehearsing their group dance. Michelle says "It is going great we are going to be unstoppable at nationals. Emily gives the male solo to Noah and the female solo to Michelle.


  • TNS West is having a Break
  • TNS West soloist is Amy
  • TNS East top five dancers are Noah, Alfie, Michelle, Skylar and Richelle and will be the small group,
  • TNS East trio is Piper, Lola, Jacquie.
  • TNS East featured dancers are Michelle, Skylar, Alfie, Noah, Richelle, Piper, Kingston, Ozzy, Lola and Jacquie.
  • TNS East alternates are Camille and Zara

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