Years and Years is the 19th Episode of Season 8


Richelle and Noah get given a duet. Piper try's to get on to the small group.


In Studio 1, A-Troupe is waiting for Emily then Emily enters and says that they need a duet and she has chosen Richelle and Noah. Richelle is excited to do the duet.

Opening sequence: Michelle and Skye then Piper, Ethan and Zac then Kingston and Emily then Jake and Sarah then Jacquie and Noah then Richelle and Zara. The end pose is Zara, Ethan, Richelle, Sarah, Jacquie and Noah, Emily, Michelle, Kingston, Skye, Zac, Piper and Jake.

In Studio A, Michelle, Jake, Skye, Zac, Kingston, Ethan and Zara are rehearsing their small group then Piper and Jacquie enter and then they would like to audition for the small group. Then Michelle gets text from Daniel saying that he is going to hold auditions for A-Troupe again. but this time B-Troupe is going up against A-Troupe.

In Studio 1, B-Troupe arrives. The first group is Abbey, Kamila, Victoria, William, Jack and Richelle. Emily says "well done. The second group is Piper, Noah, Michelle, Skye, Kingston, Ethan, Zac And Jacquie."

In the office Emily and Daniel try to choose the new A-Troupe. Then they enter studio 1, Emily says "the new member of A-Troupe are Michelle, Richelle, Skye, Noah, William, Jack, Zac, Ethan, Piper, Victoria, Abbey and Jacquie." Kingston and Jake says they cannot believe that they are no longer part of the studio.

In Studio A, Richelle and Noah start work on their duet. Then A-Troupe start arriving. Emily says "Hi everyone, As you may know that I am Studio Head. I have chosen a new dance captain and it is Victoria." Michelle says (Talking Heads) "I thought I was Dance captain and the best dancer on A-Troupe." Victoria says "I am new to A-Troupe and now I am the new dance captain." Emily says to Michelle "this is a new beginning and this is what needed to be done." Michelle says "it's okay and she will do what is best for the team."


  • New Members of A-Troupe are Victoria, Jack, William and Abbey.
  • Old Members are Zara, Kingston, Jake and Sarah.
  • The new small group is Michelle, Jacquie, Noah, Jack, Zac and William
  • The duet is Richelle and Noah
  • The trio is Abbey, Ethan and William.
  • Michelle is no longer dance captain.
  • Victoria is the new dance captain.



  • Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle
  • Abbey Nolet as Abbey
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle
  • Myles Erlick as Noah
  • William Hurst as William
  • Megan Maze as Victoria
  • Daniel Swasby as Jack
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Ethan white as Ethan
  • Dylan Ratzlaff as Jacquie
  • Zac Light as Zac
  • Skye Knight as Skye



  • Jordan Clark as Giselle
  • Shelby Bain as Amy