A is for A-Troupe is the 2nd episode of Season 9


A-Troupe changes again. Riley quits the studio. Dylan gets a chance to be part of A-Troupe.


In Studio 1, Giselle says to both A-Troupes that A-Troupe is changing. Michelle says "I don't understand why Giselle is changing the troupe." Giselle says that A-Troupe is Michelle, Sandra, Jack, Ethan, Noah, William, Zac, Monica, Skye, Alexandra, Lizzy and Richelle.

Opening sequence is Michelle and Sandra then Lizzy and Noah then Zac and Monica then Alexandra and Jack then William and Ethan then Richelle and Skye. End pose is Zac, Skye, Lizzy, Alexandra, Ethan, Monica, Michelle, William, Richelle, Sandra, Noah and Jack.

In Studio A, Piper is dancing and she says that she isn't a A-Trouper anymore. Then Ozzy enters and says that he is starting his own troupe Called TNS Ozzy. Piper says "I need to Join this team." Meanwhile, Michelle is sat in the locker room wondering if A-Troupe is where she wants to be. Then She gets a text from Riley saying she is no longer studio owner.

In Studio A, Ozzy is holding auditions for his new team. The auditionee's are Piper, Dylan, Henry, Katy, Molly, Jordan, Zara, Josh. Ozzy says that Kingston is the head choreographer. Ozzy welcomes everyone into his troupe. In studio 1, Amy is teaching a ballet class. Richelle says "I need to be Dance Captain so I can move on." Noah says "Jacquie has left the studio and i can't wait for regionals." In neutral grounds, Ozzy and Kingston are talking then Heather says that she would like to join TNS Ozzy. Ozzy says okay.

In studio 1, Michelle tells the dancers about TNS Ozzy and how they are competing at regionals. Meanwhile, Ozzy is in the office. He calls Piper to the office. Ozzy says that Piper is the dance captain of TNS Ozzy. In studio 1, A-Troupe starts dancing. Michelle says "we have a long way to get to regionals." Alexandra says "I love being part of A-Troupe." Richelle says to Michelle that she is quitting A-Troupe. Michelle heads to giselle's office. Giselle says what do we do now. Michelle suggest a dance-a-Thon to get new people to join A-Troupe.

In Studio B, B-Troupe contains Amy, Casey and Tyler are dancing then they get a text saying they get a chance to join A-Troupe. Then Giselle suggests that she holds auditions for A-Troupe against TNS Ozzy. Ozzy doesn't want to go up against A-Troupe since they only have 9 dancers. Piper says "I am not looking forward to battling A-Troupe."


  • Ozzy has started team Ozzy.
  • Members of Team Ozzy are Piper, Dylan, Henry, Katy, Molly, Jordan, Zara, Heather and Josh.
  • Jacquie has left the next step
  • Piper is Dance captain of TNS Ozzy.
  • Richelle has quit A-Troupe.