Hard Time is the 4th episode of season 9


Piper teaches the J-Troupers. Oliver has a secret.


In Studio 1, Piper and Noah are rehearsing a duet. Then J-Troupe enters. Oliver says to Piper that she is amazing dancer.

Opening sequence: Michelle and Piper then Alexandra, Noah, Victoria and William then Casey and Lizzy Then Issac and Ethan then Zac and Sandra then Abbey and Skye. End Pose is Casey, Alexandra, William, Victoria, Lizzy, Ethan, Noah, Piper, Michelle, Zac, Sandra, Skye, Abbey and Issac.

In studio 1, A-Troupe is teaching J-Troupe what A-Troupe is about and hard it is. Then Richelle enters and says to her younger sister Lia that A-Troupe is going to be a lot hard to dance at the next step in 10 years time. Piper and Michelle teaches Jamie, Oliver, Jason, Jessica and Lynne.