New Beginnings is the 3rd episode of Season 9.


A-Troupe re-audition for their spots. Heather gets a chance to dance on A-Troupe.


in Studio 1, A-Troupe is rehearsing for the audition. Then TNS Ozzy enter and then Giselle says she has hit head choreographer Stephanie.

opening sequence: The Next Step created by We rock u.

in studio 1, Giselle says that they are being split into 4 groups. The first group is Michelle, Heather, Dylan, Ethan, Zac, William and Jack. Group two contains Noah, Lizzy, Skye, Casey, Tyler, Alexandra and Victoria. Group 3 contains Zara, Josh, Katy, Piper, Jordan, Issac, Luke, Monica and Molly. And group 4 is Amy, Sandra and Sarah. And all groups Dance.

Giselle and Ozzy head to the office. Then they announce the new A-Troupe. Giselle says "the members of A-Troupe are Michelle, Issac, Dylan, Ethan, Zac, William, Lizzy, Alexandra, Skye, Victoria, Casey and Sandra." Ozzy says "TNS Ozzy is Piper, Noah, Zara, Luke, Heather, Amy, Sarah, Josh, Katy and Jordan."

in Studio 1, A-Troupe start rehearsing and Giselle announces that Michelle is the dance captain of A-Troupe. Giselle says "lets get to work." Michelle says "I would like in the first row myself, Dylan and Skye. In the second row I would like Zac, William, Victoria, Sandra, Casey. And in the last row we have Alexandra, Lizzy, Ethan and Issac." A-Troupe starts dancing to can't stop the fire. Michelle says "A-Troupe has changed so much over the years I think this maybe my last year on A-Troupe." Lizzy says "this is A-Troupe and nothing is going to stop us from going to regionals."

In Studio a, TNS Ozzy is just arriving. Noah says "i can't believe that i am no longer part of A-Troupe." Ozzy says "we are B-Troupe and we are not going to regionals." Meanwhile in Studio 1, Michelle is dancing to home then Giselle enters. Giselle says "michelle has improved so quickly and I need her to show round the new J-Troupe." Michelle says "Things have changed and i can't wait for the future of the next step." Giselle says to Michelle "we have got some new dancers joining the studio and i would like you to show them around." Michelle says "Okay can go get Noah and Piper since they were part of A-Troupe." Giselle says "okay see you in a bit." In Neutral Grounds, Noah and Piper are talking about their new team. Michelle enters and says "How would you feel about rejoining A-Troupe." Noah says "really?" Michelle says "we need to go a collect the new J-Troupe Members." Piper says in talking heads "I want to join A-Troupe but I won't be dance captain anymore but it is better than B-Troupe."


  • A-troupe is Michelle, Issac, Dylan, Ethan, Zac, William, Lizzy, Alexandra, Skye, Victoria, Casey, Sandra, Noah and Piper.
  • Stephanie is head choreographer.
  • TNS Ozzy is B-Troupe.
  • J-Troupe currently has No members.