New Start is the 1st episode of Season 9


A-Troupe auditions have arrived. A-Troupe never went to Internationals.


A-Troupe arrives at Studio A (Now known as Studio 1) Michelle says "this The A-Troupe auditions and nothing is taking my place on A-Troupe." Giselle says "It is a new

New opening sequence: Michelle and Giselle then Piper, Noah and Jacquie then Dylan and Monica then Sandra and Lizzy then Jack and William then Luke and Molly then Victoria and Richelle Then Skye and Abbey then Ethan and Katy. The end pose isn Victoria, Monica, Jack, Richelle, Victoria, Jacquie Noah, Dylan, Giselle, Michelle, Piper, Lizzy, Sandra, William, Luke, Molly, Abbey and Ethan.

In studio 1, A-Troupe auditions have begun. The first group is Michelle, Victoria, Abbey, Richelle, Skye, Noah and Monica. Monica says "Been here is the best thing and if I make A-Troupe I am going to be so excited." The second group is Piper, Molly, Zac, Luke, Alexandra, Dylan, Sandra, Jack, Katy, William and Jacquie.Giselle heads to the office and makes the new A-Troupe. The auditionee's are getting so nervous since they don't know if they have made it on to the team. Giselle enters and says "the new a-troupe is Michelle, Piper, Jack, Zac, Alexandra, Victoria, William, Ethan, Noah, Jacquie, Richelle and Abbey. Then Giselle says the Smaller a-troupe is Luke, Molly, Skye, Sandra, Dylan and Monica.

In studio 1, Richelle and Noah are showing the new A-Troupe members what A-Troupe is about. Then Giselle enters and says "I have chosen a dance captain, Michelle." Alexandra says "this is my new home and things are going to change." Victoria says "I glad that Michelle is the new Dance captain." In Studio a (formerly known as Studio 1) Sandra is dancing to a new song called 'let Me dance'. In talking heads, Sandra says "I have never dance on a competitive team and I need to get used to it." Then Skye says to her "I have been part of the team since last year."

In neutral Grounds, Ozzy and Kingston are talking about how they were part of A-Troupe and not anymore. Ozzy says "I think I need to start my own troupe to compete competitive but within the Next step." Kingston says that is a good idea and they did to it fast. Then Heather says "I would like to join that troupe."


  • This is the 1st episode of the last season. Season 10 will become season 1
  • New A-Troupe is Michelle, Alexandra, Jack, Piper, Zac, Victoria, William, Ethan, Noah, Richelle, Jacquie and Abbey.
  • The dance captain is Michelle.
  • The smaller A-Troupe is Luke, Molly, Skye, Sandra, Dylan and Monica.
  • There dance captain is Sandra.