She Returns

Eog Riley talks about the trio

Riley Returns to The Next Step

Riley Returns To Studio A ,  as Michelle is struggling to get A Troupe to Regionals now that she's The Studio head of The new Troupe in Studio A, TNSWEST.

Eog riley hopes the team is ready

Riley in Talking heads

Riley speaks in talking heads,  'A Troupe is  Struggling I need to get this studio ready for Regionals'
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Emily sets TNSEAST A task

Meanwhile at Studio 1,   Emily and Hunter Call on their new Troupe with a task "This task will test your friendships and  the winner of this Task will be for sure Dance Captain of TNSEAST" Said Emily
Riley off season rd

Riley Dances in Studio A

Riley Dances in Studio A,  In Talking heads Riley says 'I have Missed The Next Step so Much it's been my life my everything' Emily watches  Riley dancing in Studio A, 
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Michelle sets up a Open day in Studio A

she applaudes her sister,  Michelle hangs up a banner  with the help from Piper.

"What's going on?" asked Emily, "This is TNSWEST's Openning Day for Dancers we are going to have a Hip Hop work shop that West will be dealing with  and  A  Acro workshop  that Giselle will be helding" said Michelle.

Michelle, Riley, And other dancers Dance their hardest,   "Everyone welcome to TNSWEST's openning Day this is a big chance for dancers  to improve their dancestyle and TNSWEST Is the place for you as studio head of TNSWEST I want nothing more but to lead this team to Regionals so Help me make a diffrence help me become your studio head!" said Michelle.

​​​Java Closes

Emily enters Java Junction  to get a juice and then she understands that The Next Step's Local shop - to get drink and fruit is  Closing down and the shop is being sold.

"I wonder who will Be the new owner of Java Juction ?" asked Riley to her sister Emily, "Not sure but this Isn't  good" said Emily.

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Amy gets cut from Dancing in Studio 1

Amy gets Cut from Dancing in Studio 1 by Emily.

"Your not  Compettive enough to be on my team" said Emily,   Amy used the Acro moves that she learnt from Michelle's Workshop at TNSWEST's Openning Day.

Riley enters Michelle's Office,   "I think it's good for the team If You and I Be Co-Studio heads of TNSWEST" Said Riley, "Yes that way we can make The Next Step West or 'TNSWEST'  can grow more and we can win Regionals that way" said Michelle.

Michelle & Riley were now Co-Studio heads of The Next Step West 'TNSWEST'

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