Someone Like You is the 20th episode of season 6 of The Next Step, and is the 174th episode in total. It aired on July 27th, 2018.


Emily finds a soloist for their group.


Emily notices her troupe coming in and then gets out of her seat to go greet her dancers and then Michelle asks if she could talk with Emily. Emily in turn nods and then walks her over to her office and then Michelle says that she’s made her decision. Emily nods happily. And then says in talking heads that she was away for business reasons, trying to convince the board to bring regionals back, and now Michelle, the day she was away, was going to give her her answer on whether or not she was going to be at The Next Step as a co-head or a dancer, so it feels nice having her know and not taking the advantage of her being a way as an excuse. Michelle says that she is an official committed co-head.

Emily hugs Michelle and then thanks her and then walks back out and says that Michelle is going to be a studio head from now on and then says that they need to get started. Everyone listens attentively and Piper says that it’s all the drama going on, they have not been able to decide on anything. A dance captain. A status as a team and what they are going to do to bring regionals back and with Emily here and knowing the plan, this is the perfect idea to bring the studio back to its former glory.

Emily then announces they need to come up with an amazing troupe. A troupe of as many dancers as they can have, yet, it has to be at least 1000 for us to at least make them consider it. Everyone’s jaw drops at the unexpecting hitch. Aria in talking heads, admits that she has no clue how they will reach this goal, but they will be determined and fight through this. Michelle interrupts and exclaims about how that is impossible. Emily says that she has an idea to get that many people. She then tells Jacquie, Noah, Amy and Piper to go set up flyers all around Toronto. Aria nods, ecstatically. Aria admits in talking heads that she wants to dance. She wants to be a part of the team, but right now there’s nothing for her to do. She says in talking heads, that she really feels weird how she doesn’t know where she stands with the team because at Elite, she always knew. It was always her as the shining star on their junior competition team, but now she was not too sure of what would happen.

Emily then announces that before they go, she wants to hold auditions for A-Troupes solo spot in the group dance. After that, everyone lines up and then Emily turns on Make The Ground Shake. Jacquie begins and auditions, and then Noah, then Josh, then Katy and then Aria and then Amy and then Piper. Emily smiles and then allows everyone to exit. Piper, Amy, Jacquie and Noah both grab one of the four boxes which hold flyers, readying to head around Toronto to pass them out and in talking heads, Piper states that there are so many people in Toronto, like it is in the millions, surely they can get enough dancers to join. Michelle and Emily then begin to debate in their office. Emily asks Michelle who the solo should go to and Michelle answers with Katy or Aria, their dancing was the strongest. Emily agrees. Emily then suggests Katy and then Michelle nods.


- Michelle is a co-head with Emily

- Katy is the soloist