Tcob james perfect

James exited to meet his new brother

SoJames mom sat him down saying has a new brother and he is going to meet him. James is really excited but he found out it is alfie and James is shock alfie sees James is alfie is upset. Alice pop I can't believe this I knot James is still ad at me for kissing Riley and I can believe he is mybrother. I feel so bad. James pov. I am speechless I .ca t believe this, there is no way! After what alfie did to me there is no way! James gose up to a.foe saying u a allude in my room dont talk to me! Alfie had tear's rolling down his face! Alfie went for a walk around supper Debra calls but no answer Debra paknking James ask what wrong she said Alfie is missing! James try calling his cell but no answer. James looks for him and find him in the woods and runs to Alfie see him crying Alfie what is going on? Mom worried about you. Alfie looks at James! James, I know I kissed riley but I am so sorry please forgive me! James pov I am shooked I can t believe he apologized to me! Well Alfie I forgive u! But we better go home. Alfie is still guilty! James put his hands on alfie sholdee and says look I will bring u home and we will talk about it! Alfie noods Alfie and James gose home and James and Alfie gose upstairs after supper and James sat Alfie down and knells down saying not to cry because everything is ok and that he is forgiven! Alfie says he feels so bad cause he still likes her! James hugs Alfie tight and said is ok Alfie is crying on James arms and James rubs his back saying that everyone miss up James kiss alfie on the cheak and trolls alfie that he will always be there for him no matter what

Loap alfie says no

Alfir is upset

Loap alfie enters

Alice walk in piper room

Tcob alfie 2

Alfie is is telling Riley he still loves he3

James Visits Alfie in Switzerland - The Next Step

James Visits Alfie in Switzerland - The Next Step