Summer is a Lyrical dancer on A-Troupe.

She arrives at the next Step after the regionals win. She makes it on to A-Troupe.


Before the Show

Summer started dancing at age of 2. She auditioned for Gemini Dance Studio And didn’t make it and joins her old studio.

Season 6

Summer is introduced to A-Troupe, alongside Kenzie, Finn and Lily. Miss Angela informs everyone that she is the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship. When A-Troupe shows Miss Angela their skills, Piper instantly recognises her from the auditions for the scholarship. Summer and Finn enter Studio 1 where the majority of A-Troupe are discussing how much they dislike Lily and Angela. They agree and inform them Lily is Angela’s daughter. Since Piper isn’t present at the time, Summer takes it upon herself to inform her since Piper and Angela are on bad terms. Summer fails to inform Piper and this causes Piper to be told off by Angela when she stands up for herself. Summer performed a solo to ‘Lost in the Middle’ saying that things have to change if she stays at the studio.


She is very welcoming to new dancers Apart from Lily.


Season 6

  1. Grave New World