Emily Riley season 2 episode 17 "What is this?! This is a mess!"

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The surprise

James get a text by someone anymoues

James meet me in studio a

James walks in hello??

Sjape of you plays and the light are of

West I know it you

Light turn on Ella and Amanda scream surprise!!

Amand? Ella??

Amanda pov

James has no idea who here

Ella pov

Um Amanda says a Daniel guy here

Daneil see James hey?? Remember me

James pov

Oh here my night mare

Uh noo

It me Daniel

I know

Come on forgive me


daneil pov

James is rediuloues

James pov

I can't stand him or Ella

Well 3 boys made you a party and daneil is in charge says Ella

James pov

Gerat 2 more idiots

Ella whilste

Max walk in with Hunter hi James

James hug max and Hunter I MISS YOU BOTH​

Max pov

I miss this one

Hunter pov

I need west and Eldon

James pov

Can daneil Leve I hate him

Riley walk in hey James

Hey babe

Um Amanda has a secret


James I am Hunter sister


Junter it ture Amanda is my lost sister

Jamss fants

Emiky and Michelle walk in is James here

James gets up no no more

Wanna see you're cousin James

Uh please do tell me it's daneil

Nope worse it Lucien?

Thats it I'm gone and never coming back next you guys are going to ask me to go square dancing with Richelle

Emily sorry Richelle

Richelle runs out