a lot has been going on in The Next Step Dance Studio, Kate has some heart breaking news for A Troupe, "Right A Troupe Miss Emily and Michelle have some news for you guys" said Kate, "We are sorry but we can no longer be the studio heads A New studio head will be appointed by Kate". said Emily, "But with you two gone how are we going to get to Internationals?" asked Piper.

"It will be on hold until Kate can find our replacement". said Emily as she walks out.

meanwhile in Studio 1, Josh walks into Emily's office to talk to her to tell her he is ready for Internationals because Josh had an appointment so he doesn't know about Emily and Michelle being no longer co-Studio Heads of The Next Step.

"Hi Miss Emily I am So excited about Internationals". said Josh, "I am sorry Josh but I am no longer your studio head Kate is finding you a replacement as we speak". said Emily.

Josh wonders who will be the Next Studio Head of The Next Step, "So what is going with you will you still be at the studio?" asked Josh, "Currently yes". said Emily.