After their win at Internationals a second time, which came when The Next Step's TNS East & TNS West merged, Kate said that they were going to shut A-Troupe down. Now ten years later the dancers are back and better then ever, however it is not the dancers you've last seen - nor is it their kids. Now it is a fresh batch of new teenage dancers pushing their hear and soul into every routine and every step they make, hoping to win the regionals title of their studio's name not being in the eye of the camera for ten years. And with Piper and Amy running the studio now. These ten dancers, who are the future of the The Next Step, need to be on top of their game. Or else there is no more A-Troupe. Can they fight for their team and push to win? Or will they get caught up in the drama?

The Next Step is back with a new regionals team ten years later and now they have everything to lose so they have to put everything on the line and make one of the biggest risky comebacks ever. But can they pull it off? Friendships will fall, lives will be ruined, decisions will be made and spots on the team will be questioned. Do they have what it takes to become a team?


- Shelby Bain as Amy

- Alexandra Chaves as Piper

- Goerge Blanco as Oliver

- Camryn Bridges as Camryn

- TheOddOnesOut as Aiden

- Devyn Nekoda as Leah

- Kalani Hilliker as Aria

- Alessia Cara as Jenna

- Troye Sivan as Blake

- Joshua Rush as Adam


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