Back At It Again is the first episode of the TNS: Next Generation Series.


The dancers deal with the pressure of auditions. Amy and Piper make a nerve wracking decision.


Aria looked over at her mother as they reached The Next Step. "Is this is?" Aria asked. "Yes." Her mother said. Her mother in question was Emily. The runner of their team while Kate put an end to their competition times. Emily was so ecstatic over Piper and Amy starting a competition team up again that she had to come watch the auditions to see if they were good.

Aria shut the door and walked with Emily. Aria looked up at her mother. "Mom! Why do you have to come with me? I am a fifteen year old girl I can go alone!" She pleaded. Emily actually adopted Aria but she did not want to admit it just yet. "Because - I danced here when I was younger. I ran this team through their comeback after they lost after they won and I want to see how the team has changed. Two dancers of mine - Piper and Amy are running the team now, I want to see if they are a good fit for the team or if I have to impeach them." Emily stated. Aria sighed and scoffed. "Fine." She said and looked down understandingly. "Just do not embarass me." She warned. "I won't." Emily said,

It was silence all around the room. No one was talking. Piper, and Amy were the only two in the room. "Hey." Piper looked her best friend in the eye. "Yes?" Amy asked. "Do you think we have what it takes to form a team?" Piper asked. "I don't know. Do we?" Amy asked. "Well there's only one way to find out." Piper said and sighed. Amy went to then open the doors. Disco music from the 1980''s played out and some of the dancers began to head to the ballet bars.

Oliver looked over and he walked over to some of the other dudes, Blake, Adam and Aiden. They were all best friends. Adam is a 13 year old contemporary dancer. Blake is an eighteen year old ballet dancer, Oliver was a fifteen year old breakdancer and Aiden was a seventeen year old hip hop and jazz dancer. Piper looked at the dancers.

"These next two hours are not going to be easy." Piper started. "You are going to have trials and struggles and you'll feel pain in the end but in the end it is all worth it and you will acheive a spot on our ten dancer A-Troupe team." Piper said and the twenty auditioners clapped. Emily had something that always stuck with Piper, even to this day. It was that she beleived that no A-Troupe dancer should be sitting on the sidelines watching - which was exactly why Piper was only going to choose 10 dancers. She then noticed Emily in the midst of the 20 dancers - there were the 20 dancers who had came in, and then Emily.

Emily slowly but surely made her way over to the two co-heads now running The Next Step.

"Hey Piper and Amy is it ok if I just watch from the sidelines? I want to make sure The Next Step's new competition team is being ran by people who know how it is done." Emily said. Amy and Piper both nodded. "Yup. Totally that is fine." Piper said however secretly Piper was offended by what Emily said because she thought that Emily did not think that her and Amy were capable of running the team. But they did not say anything.

"Alright. Dancers, I want to say we have a guest here. Please welcome Emily! She ran The Next Step's competition team before Kate put a stop to it." Amy said and everyone clapped. "She will be watching from the sidelines so I guess we should just get on with the auditions?" Everyone cheered. "How things will work is we will say a group and one by one the dancers of each group will do solos." Amy said. "Ok?" She finalized her audition process by getting everyone to clear up what they did not undertsand and it seemed like everyone understood as there were no one asking any questions.

"Well then we may as well just begin with group #1: Emma, Carly, Jenna, Kayla and Brookelyn!" Piper said.

Emma began to dance, she was a striking acro dancer and she looked like Amy a little, too. Whivh Amy found disturbing. After that went Carly, Carly was a contemporary dancer, she was a very technically skilled dancer however, she failed her audition. "She won't make the team. This is A-Troupe auditions. Whoever fails even once gets automatically cut." Piper thought. After that, Kayla went. Kayla was a hip hop dancer. Emily heard of Kayla's mother Katie, who was Michelle's enemy from Michelle's old studio back in Madison, Wisconsin.

Then there was the last one of the group - Brookelyn, who was a strict ballet dancer. Emily was, after that first group, reassured that the dancers there were going to be amazing. Piper then looked around when she was done, proud of most of the dancers who had just preformed. Besides the one who had just bombed her audition.

"Second group - Nathan, Jonathan, Jonah, Leah and Liam." Amy announced.

Nathan went first. He was a breakdancer who failed to do anything correctly. Jonathan and Jonah did decent lyrical solos whilst auditioning, Leah was a contemporary dancer and preformed amazingly and Piper knew they needed Leah for their ten dancer A-Troupe. She would be the star.

They had gotten half way through the auditions and Amy and Piper were so far not too impressed by most of the dancers, however it was what they had. There were a few dancers who did ok and some who wowed them but none seen fitting for A-Troupe just yet. However they couldn't judge based off the dancers they had so far as there were still ten more dancers to sift through.

"Alright dancers! We have our third group which is comprised up of..." Amy said before then glancing down at the sheet due to her forgetting the names. "Aiden, Olive, Oliver, Christi and Nico." Amy said, with her eyes on the sheet.

Aiden went first. As mentioned previously: he was seventeen and a hip hop and jazz dancer. He knew things probably would not be easy for him to make A-Troupe but he was going to try his hardest. After that Olive went up. Olive was a strict ballet dancers, Piper scoffed. Already seen that. She continued to watch though. After Olive, her brother Oliver went up. Their parents, Gerad and Julie never had any originality. The two were twins and they had no other siblings.

Christi went up, Christi was a contemporary dancer. She also failed at several moves. Some people questioned why she was there, as she was not good enough for the team. Not even good enough for Baby Ballet. Nico went up. Nico was a modern dancer. Modern as in the dance style and he brought something unique to the table.

"And last but not least... Aria, Blake, Jaiden, Hayden and Adam!" Amy said loudly and clearly.

Emily squeled in the mention of her (adopted) child. "GO ARIA!" She yelled. Aria rolled her eyes. "I told you not to emberass me!" Aria said and then went onto the floor and danced.

Aria was a ballet, acro and jazz dancer. The dancer tried her hardest and danced. She was ecstatic about the auditions and needed that one spot on the team. Any spot she would take. Even an alternate spot she would take! She did not care, as long as she was on the competition team.

After that. Blake went up and danced his hardest. After Blake went Jaiden. Jaiden was a female and was a jazz dancer. She also dabbled in hip hop and.. A little bit of contemporary but she loved the more not-so-technical styles. Like Ballet, contemporary and acro, as she was not flexable enough for acro nor was she wanting to have to have strict training like for ballet and contempory. Hayden, who was a female hip hop dancer was trying her hardest to prove to Piper and Amy she could be a good dancer, however Piper was not impressed with Hayden and after Jaiden, Adam went. Adam's dancing was amazing. Smiles actually came shining through from Piper and Amy when Adam danced. Everyone clapped.

"Alright. I would like to thank Emily for watching and observing, I would also like her to help choose." Piper said without giving Amy a heads up before hand. "So if you could come into the main office that would be awesome =! As for the dancers auditioning today it was tough competition so please be open minded of our decisions." Piper said, every clapped and then Amy, Piper and Emily walked off into the office.

In the office. Emily looked at them. "Ok. That was horrible. I only saw talent in Jenna, Jaiden, Blake, Oliver, Leah, Aiden, Aria, Adam!" Emily said. "Yeah, it was awful however we can find even better dancers!" Piper said. "Yeah." Amy said. "I have one dancer. Margie. She was in Baby Ballet and was four when we went to internationals for the first time in The Next Step's history. That was 12 years ago. She is now sixteen and I think you should audition her for the Regionals team." Emily suggested. "OMG that would be amazing!" Amy said, "Thanks Emily." Piper suggested and the three walked out after writing the names of the dancers who did the best in order from 1-20.

"Alright." Amy said. "We have been struggling to find the perfect dancers for the team. Most of you dancers failed to meet our criteria. Because dancers, you see at The Next Step, in A-troupe, while on A-Troupe. There are certain standards that have to be met, so we don't have a full team now. However by the time we get to Regionals we will have our ten dancer team. It is these dancers jobs, as members of the team to reach out to fellow dancers and be the voice of our studio, tell people how much you love, or don't love this place. So we can have dancers here who want to be here, have heart and are great dancers. It gives us more of a chance to make it, so if you want to make t on A-Troupe. If you want to be on A-Troupe. You have to do your part and get people to come here." Amy informed everyone.

Piper then posted the list of the best dancers from 1-20. Who was the worst dancer in the auditions, who was the best and who did worse, or better then the dancers. From best to worst it ranked the dancers. "Only the top eight made it onto our ten dancer team. Where do two dancers come in. That is where you step in." Amy said and smiled at Piper. Everyone who did not make it left, and that left the dancers who were on the team to be Jenna, Jaiden, Blake, Oliver, Leah, Aiden, Aria and Adam. This was their A-Troupe.


- There was no opening sequence

- A-Troupe is: Jenna, Jaiden, Blake, Oliver, Aiden, Aria and Adam.

- There are two spots up for grabs on A-Troupe.


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