Put It To The Test is the third episode of TNS: Next Generation


A-Troupe gives a test to Margie, Leah confides in Aria - which proves to be a horrible choice on Leah's part and Piper begins to assemble a dance company with The Next Step alumni which is met with distaste from Amy.


A-troupe walks into studio A excitedly and Piper is saying to herself about how she thinks that this will be a good day and that Amy better do well. "Alright, you eight dancers all have official spots on the team... Besides Margie. Margie we have not tested you yet! So that is gonna happen today. I have asked Blake to do a duet with you and if you two impress I, Piper and our guest, Michelle! Then you can stay." Amy said and everyone clapped excitedly.

Margie nodded. "Yes and I will not let you down!" Margie said. "You better not!" Amy says and then Piper tells everyone else but Margie and Blake to go to Neutral Grounds.

In Neuteral Grounds Aria is sitting by herself. She admits in her head that she has no current friends but wants some new friends. The only person she had talked to really was Leah and she for some reason seemed to be absent. She needed some advice right about then. Just then Leah bursted through the corridoors and then yelled. "ARIA!" She yelled. "I need your help. This is a diar emergancy!" She continued to yell.

"Well don't just stasnd there! Sit your butt down and tell me all of your probably depressing drama!" Aria yelled back. Leah then sat down, hyperventalating for a few minutes. "So..." She said in between three breaths before calming back down. "I have a crush on a guy." -

"OMG SHUT UP!" Aria giggled and yelled. "OK so who is it?" Aria asked for the details. "Adam. It is Adam! There!" Leah announced to Aria. "I mean I find him cute! But I mean, who can't?" Aria asked. "But I mean you do not have time for boys." Leah said. "True, true.." The two then giggled some more.

Meanwhile, Margie and Blake were practicing their duet. "Ok so walkover, walkover kick, plea! and then Y-scale. And then I balance off of you and you lift me?" Margie asks. "Yeah and then I throw you down and then we do a helicopter lift!" Blake said. They then danced. "Ok so then now I am supposed to be right behind you and then you turn with your heel of your leg facing inwards." Blake directed. "Yup, yup." The studio had nick-named them "Piper Turns" because Piper used to do them so often.

"So then, piroeutte, piroeutte, side ariel, some tutting and then a large jete. After that should we do a.. I have no clue what the term is but I know that Richelle and Noah did one of them I beleive." Blake said. "You mean... In their "Beleive" Routine?" Margie asked and then they remember, it was the one in from 1;04 to 1;07 of the dance. They then did it and then Margie had her back leg (her right leg) stick out. While her back and front leg made her look as if she was a table and she had her arms making a V around the same height as her head. With her feet pointing, then Blake took Margie's hands and made them go a whole 160 degrees around in position. She was then lifted up into the air one last time before jumping off and then ending both in the splits.

"Alright - I think that this routine is ready to go!" Margie said. "Yeah." Blake nodded. The two then reheared it three more times. "Alright!" Piper cheered. "I think it is time for you two to show the duet!" Piper had an excited facial expression. She was so excited to see how Margie would handle the choreography. "I think it is pretty solid." Margie commented. "Yeah." Blake said. Blake then checked his phone and gritted his teeth. "I have to go. But I will be back in five to ten minutes." Blake said and then walked off which confused Piper, Amy and Margie confused. "What was that?" Amy asked. "I have no clue but I am about to find out." Margie said angry and stormed out of the room. Saying to herself "I can't beleive he would do this! Blake knows that this is very important to me!"

Margie walked into the juice bar and noticed Blake and Adam talking to each other. "Leahlikes you? As in more then a friend?"  Blake asked. "Yeah." Adam said nervously. "How do I reject her?" Adam asked. "It is easy. Just say no!" Blake said. "Yeah! But I don't wanna break her heart!" Adam replied. "Well then, sorry kid I can't help you!" Blake said and then walked off to see Margie staring at their conversation.

Leah stormed into the juice bar. "Aria!" She yelled and made her eyes search out Aria. Aria was with five B-Troupe girls. "I can not believe you told the whole studio about my personal life! I am so offended by you! I trusted you with that secret and you went and told everyone!"Leah yelled. "Oh why does it matter? They were going to find out anyway? I just... Sped up the process!" Aria said. "That was my secret to tell! Not yours so from this point forward I am not telling you anymore personal things about me! This friendship is over!" Leah yelled and then stormed out of the room nearly crying. She trusted Aria as a friend and she went and told the whole building? That secret was for her and Aria and no one else!

Blake then walked back into studio A to see Margie grabbing her dance stuff. "Ah, funny how you must've taken the long route because you had a head-start." Margie said with a bitter tone. "What's your problem?" Margie was asked by Blake. "Listen. You know how much this is important to me and you just left during rehearsals. I can't believe you! And to solve some petty boy crisis. If yoy want to be on A-Troupe, you can't go hang out with your friends and juggle drama at the same time. Pick one. Dance, or friends. You can hang out with your friends before and after dance. But not  during dance." Margie said. "Whoah if it is really that big of a problem, we can show Piper and Amy our routine right now." Blake said but Margie cut him off.

"Don't even bother. I have discussed it with Piper and Amy. We're showing our dance tomorrow. In front of A-Troupe. Better not be late. In fact. Meet me at the studio at 6 AM tomorrow for rehearsal." Margie said in an almost yelling voice and then walked off.

Thern in the office.  Piper was filing some paper-work and Amy walked in. "Hey. I just came in and saw Cierra, James, Eldon, West, Thalia, and Sloane. What are they doing here? Because as far as I am concerned we never got them to choreograph and are too old for our three troupes." Amy asked. "Actually I am starting a TNS Alumni Dance Company. They preform stage productions of dance." Piper said. "However, the first stage production won't be up until like, eight months from now." Piper added. "So you have a second priorty?" Amy asked. "When peopel have second priorties they get the lines blurred. They begin to lose sight as what is most important and I can not do this alone!" Amy felt as if she was being betrayed. "If they see us on stage they will say wow! These dancers are amazing. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from there? And then people will start coming to us!" Piper said. "We don't need more dancers!"

"Yeah! We do! Face it Piper we have lost our recignition ever since we left the limelight and left A-Troupe! We need more dancers to get us back on top!" Piper said. "But I am scared that you won;t be as committed to A-Troupe." Amy said, "With this project - I am thinking all about A-Troupe!" Piper said. "How can you say I am not comitted?" Piper asked. "Because you'll be busy rehearsing with your new team!" Amy yelled and stormed off crying. Piper sulked in the chair upset.