Truth Be Told is the fourth episode of TNS: Next Generation (Season 1)


Leah gets rejected, Piper and Amy struggle to make their studio work with their hatred towards each other, as Margie finds out if she is allowed to stay, and Amy brings a new person in against Piper's will.


Leah is dancing alone to "Living The Dream" and Adam walks in. Adam admits that while, he feels bad for having to reject Leah, he says it happens quite often. When Leah is done dancing, Adam and Leah have a talking. Adam says that  the two happening is just simply not plausible. Leah accepts it and embraces Adam into a hug. Adam is happy that Leah is not upset, mad, or angry at him.

Then the scene shifts over to studio A where Blake and Margie are told by Piper to go dance. The two go up and preform their dance that they had initially made. While some tension between the two named dancers was evident, Piper expected this after watching the fight from her windows happen. a flashback happened.

Blake walked back into studio A after helping Adam with his love troubles. "Ah, funny how you must've taken the long route because you had a head-start." Margie said in a bitter tone. "What's your problem?" Blake asked, annoyed with attitude. "Listen.. You know how important this is to me and you just left during rehearsals. I can't believe you! And to solve some petty boy crisis. If you wanna be on A-Troupe, you can't go hang out with your friends and juggle drama at the same time. Pick one; dance, or friends. You can hang out with your friends before and after dance. But not during dance!" Margie yelled. Blake was taken aback at this by the time. "Whoah if it is really that big of a problem, we can show Piper and Amy our duet right now.." Blake suggested.

"Don't even bother." Margie bitterly spoke."I have discussed it with Piper and Amy, in front of A-Troupe. Better not be late. In fact - meet me at the studio at 6 AM for rehearsal." Margie growled.

Back to the preseant. They danced good. Piper nodded. "Ok. You two were amazing! So Margie, welcome to A-Troupe. I also have another new addition to the team.. Everyone please welcome, Camryn!" Amy announced. Camryn walked in and everyone clapped. She stood awkwardly and then shuffled her way into a corner. Piper rolled her eyes at Amy. "And you did not tell me about her? We never disucssed bringing her in." Piper said a little upset. "Yeah like you did not tell me you were forming a troupe of The Next Step alumni!" Amy said and then stormed into the office, upset. Piper, in turn, quickly followed to talk.

Amy and Piper began to argue in the office. "Can you get over yourself?" Piper asked. "I am just running another team inside the studio it is not like they'll bhe competing against A-Troupe! I promise you this will be the only time the company gets in my way of A-Troupe." Piper reassured Amy. "I am sorry Piper, but I don't think we work well as co-heads. All we have done is fight, and bicker of our ideas. So I am going to politely ask you to leave." Amy said,

Piper was in shock. Kate had chosen Piper to initially run the studio, Piper was the one who suggested to Amy that they could be Co-heads, "Amy, I suggest you leave because you're the one causing the fights and Kate initially only asked me, I asked you if you would like to work with me." Piper said. "Yeah but I, unlike you, only have A-Troupe as my main prioity." Piper bit her lip as Amy stated her side. Piper admitted in her brain that maybe Amy was right. Then Piper walked out of the office and headed straight for the door.

She was no longer the studio owner anymore, now it was all on Amy's hands.

Some of the dancers turn around wondering what is going on as Camryn just stood there. Leah walked over to Camryn. "Hey." Leah said. "Hey." Camryn responded back. Amy then came back. "Alright. I have officially found out, that we need only 8 dancers for Regionals this year. And I want to get to work on our regionals routine." Then Amy began to show the steps, but Amy could hear nothing. Still mad at how Piper behaved. In a minute she started stuttering, and after three minutes she walked out and sat on a bench, making the whole team yell at Amy.

On the bench, Amy sat down in a ball, crying so much, rocking herself back and fourth, trying to reassure herself that everything would be ok. She was not depressed like Clara, she just did not have the will, the strength, the energy, the power, to run a team all by herself.

And she knew it.