TNS East is joint highest troupe within the Next Step Dance Studio.


TNS East is originally A-Troupe, until Giselle returns and creates TNS West, which Kate officiates. Because it is technically the official A-Troupe, TNS East is often seen as the more legitimate troupe and therefore gets more funding and resources than its rival.


TNS East is the more technical troupe, per Emily's incessant orders of having technical dancers. There are no alternates, as Emily believes everyone at TNS East should have the opportunity to dance.

Additionally, the troupe is much more strict than its rival, resulting in a series of rules: no sharing choreography or information about the troupe's activities with "outsiders", as Emily deems those who don't dance at TNS East; no cellphones in the studio, as Emily considers these a distraction from dance; and all female dancers must wear their hair up in the studio.


  • Emily (Studio Head)
  • Daniel (Head Choreographer)



  • Michelle
  • Lola
  • Noah
  • Zara
  • Josh
  • Jacquie
  • Richelle
  • Tyler
  • Jordan
  • Amy


  • Piper