A New Start is the 2nd episode Of The Next Step:My Fanction. It is the 2nd Episode Of Season 1 in my fanction.


Noah Feels Sorry For Jackie as She leaves TNS.

Chloe Realises They need 3 or mode dancers to go to regoinals.

Emily Talks to somebody who she hasn't in ages and gives her Advice.

Miss Kate Finds out about what Emily is doing.


Noah Finds Jackie With Her Bags Leaveing The Next Step Noah says he's sorry but Jackie doesn't think so Amanda walks in when they both fight and runs back out to go get Henry.Emily Finds Stephanie In FRUIT Stephanie tells emily how to be a good role-model to the dancers and help Chloe be studio-head Emily asks Stephanie on how's she going in her new career Stephanie Replys She's doing good she's been to a lot of movies acted in a lot of movies She even made a movie Michelle Walks in while they talking and realises it's Stephanie she says hi.Chloe Try's to find some new dancers as she gets help form former-dancers James And Daniel She Finds Michael As he dances in The studio Daniel Asks If La-troy and sloane can come back which chloe Agrees And they invite Michael tho just finding out Jackie has left they need to find one more Dancer.Alfie Give's Advice To Noah To see if he can get Jackie to come back Henry Does not want to do it as it will probally hurt her feelings a lot more,Amanda Walks in and tell's noah what Happened As Henry agrees Becucase she said what happened with him.Emily Tells Stephanie that she doesn't want to hang with the studio becucase she can then Reform Elite and win Regoinals and then Nationals And might steal some B-Troopers,Ozzy Overhears Everything and tells Miss Kate Who is on a Trip With Pheobe.