Everything is changing is the 2nd episode of Season 1.


New A-Troupe members find more about the old A-Troupe. Rebecca finds A-Troupe difficult. Cierra returns. Kylie gets a new position on the troupe


In Studio A, A-Troupe is dancing. Rebecca says "I am new to A-Troupe and know I am th dance captain." Owen says "I am a contemporary dancer and I am ready for regionals." Lela says "A-Troupe is going to be harder then I thought." Michelle says "this is what the next step needed to get back on track."

Intro: Michelle, Amy and Piper then Rebecca and Daniel then Cameron and Will then Jessica and Jessie Then Sophie and Liam then Samantha and Kylie. End pose is Kylie, Samantha, Will, Cameron, Michelle, Piper, Amy, Rebecca, Liam, Jessie, Jessica, Sophie and Daniel.

Michelle congrats the members of A-Troupe since some of the dancers are new to the studio . Michelle says that Rebecca is the new dance captain. In the music room, Sophie, Phil and Kylie are rehearsing a routine for B-Troupe. Then Amy enters and says that Sophie and Kylie are joining A-Troupe. In Studio A, A-Troupe starts arriving. Michelle is in the office reading a message from Regionals saying that only 16 teams can compete at regionals. Michelle enters studio a, She says "only 16 teams can compete at regionals." Samantha says "what only 16 teams can compete at regionals." Owen says "who is competing at the qualifier." Michelle says "well I will be holding auditions for the 5 person and we only get one shot at getting to regionals." everyone auditions for it.

Michelle announces who has got into the small group. She says "the dancers are Samantha, Kylie, Will, Owen and Rebecca." Michelle says "I have bought in a special guest to choreography your small group, Cierra." Cierra says "I am glad to back and choreographing for A-Troupe." Michelle says "she has been to nationals and internationals." The small group leaves. Michelle announces that the dances are a solo, Duet, 4 person dance, a trio and a ten person routine. The rest of A-Troupe start work on the ten person dance.

then later on, Cierra asks the 5 person dance to perform in front of the whole troupe. Michelle watches and says it is very good for a group that has just got together. Amy returns from the regionals qualifier and says they are competing tomorrow and they only get one chance to qualify. Kylie says "I need to focus on my dancing if I want to get A-Troupe to regionals." Michelle announces that she is changing the dance captain to Kylie. Rebecca says "I can't believe that she is the dance captain she was a b-trouper and now she is Dance captain."


  • A-Troupe is Rebecca, Kylie, Samantha, Sophie, Jessie, Liam, Daniel, Cameron, Will, Jessica
  • Cierra has returned to the next step.
  • Kylie is the new dance captain of A-Troupe.
  • Regionals is only allowing 16 teams compete.
  • Former members of A-Troupe are Blake, Lizzy and Wilson.